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December 11, 2003     The Superior Express
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December 11, 2003

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/ Thursday, December 11_.Z, 2003 THE SUPERIO.______~R EXPRESS 3~ . provide You're Invited .... ..... .. -. Christmas dinner The public is invitad to attand Grace Meanwhile, back at the ranch Community Church's Christmas pro- , ~ gram, Sunday, Dec. 14, at 3:30 p.m., Frequently afraid of being, attacked by angry mobs, The New York Times writer is entitled "It's a Novel Idea." 50- lc fired from a job or committed to a mental institution, my a West Coast guy. He mistakes the tongue is scarred from years of biting it. swelling of his brain, caused by Senior high band "Don't rock the boat Tonya," used to be my motto, absorption of too much Pacific ...... a. ~ .... ,a,,-, Forget saving time in a bottle. I'm having enough Northwest rain for intellect. Per- [ i.;~la~jt t, z u~uet~' trouble keeping the cork on it. This Is why screw cap haps he is afraid our drought will i The Superior High School Band bottles are better! Fully aware of what lies beneath my return his brain and ego, among [ will present a Christmas. concert, at .seemingly.harmless.. appearance. , I've. been begging my other thing,s to normal sizen. 7:30 p.m., Tuesday m the senior high psychologist to get ~t over with; certify me nuts and lock Since when do glitz, glamour and sophistication de- ! gym. me up. termine how we rate as human beings? These things are i The Junior High band will open the "Save the world from me, please!" false, pretentious. ~ program with five selections followed He laughs; keeps insisting I am normal. My only Who decided we should be defined, or refined, based ~?~ ~ by the Senior High Jazz band The Jazz choice is to keep going, keep writing, until I finally prove on what we choose to watch on television? ' band will be playing for various com- him wrong. He knows; deep breathing and counting to Not that anyone asked me, but no I do not watch "Sex munityandclubevents again this year. ten does not work for me as well as a keyboard and and The City.;' When I used to watch television a lot, I ~!~i. The Christmas wind ensemble will computer. I believe it is some sick pleasure of his to sit preferred "Burry, The Vampire Slayer." What does this ~ also play. The Senior High concert back and watch where emotion and the written word will say about me? band will finish the concert with so- take me next. My guess wouldbe, oneofthe actors from my show, ~ leered Christmas pieces. On a warpath, is not where I expected to go, but on a took his role too seriously, and is loose in Massachusetts. ~ The concert is free and everyone is warpath I am. Emailing a letter to the editor of The New Someone sucked out that woman's brain I ~ invited to attend. York Times, in light of their recent article on our 'Van- Can we say, "Urban elitism?" " I ishing Point" town, I suspect, it will never, be. published ( Get the key s ready Dec .) I ~ ~,.,1,~,,,, ~,,,.,-- ~1,,..~--~v.--_- Anger makes me windy. Exceeding their 150 word My ht'sband and I used to have sex in the city, and still I II ~amm alaa~aa~ ~I.U~ limit, I also did another no-no by attaching a photo, so do so, in the country. Does this count as sophistication'? [] II for Thanksalvina they could see I do not currently appear crazy or psy- Or, do we not qualify, unless we watch others pretending i I I ..... vi~ D ~'arth and chotic and still have all of my teeth, todoso90r, unlesswewatchashowcalled"SexandThe ..... un nanKsglg ay ' .... ,, : .... Superior Pregnancy Vicki Scism hosted members of the Monday Bridge Club at the ' erense ~e;ri~ln~vlW:,~:a~JrsaClZa~;ev- One person, perhaps a woman, from Massachusetts rural realism. ll0rne y ............. ". receive in our li es., She wanted to kno i people in should capitalize on this ignorance We could become a ' Hast ~" ' " p y aany me, watch us work . , ,. ,. ............... , a~utum~;tu Ht~ lutal btmlotOglSt, and respecuul drone anomer. h droner the wee resident Sharon Me er, Nelson ox wsmng After t e " " p ' , Y .... , , , " Apparently we watch shows like Friends"and-think we manure frommybarnandwipedogvomitoffthefloorof g . -- . g ," g my house. It's a cleansing experience. p " ' g Your icense to do than sit at a coffee shop in New York City ~WYdehsw~;~aa~ ~!iY ~ihgo~ ! ~i ~2~U~ i ~b i h!i ~d~i! aedf teadthe !!- dwl :~@hd~g~ ;;Cmk lu . g Y P PP P . Nob., Diane Saathoff and the Brent i The l~t~ a .... ~ w, ....... =... Monday,Dec. 15: Cavatini,garden . , . , ~ o.o,i i. , Friday for a cMcken droner and to ~~:: ../ "l ~ Habi'~* fo .... a,4,;c.~, m ....... c....-- cMcken,btscmt, peas, raspberry- "~. I, gl, I t J/ ~IIU li|g~ 'l~lii IJIO~l IIUIll a I sa C ............ honor Brent who was deployed Satur- ' I this ba ........ pp e u e Jell-O. Kepumlc rlonecrs ,4-rt ~,Auv ..... nquet ~nere were Jtro people We da ~~~7 :..i~ " . . dneday, Dec. 17: Oven baked ,, vm., ~u,,o,~ ,,, ,.,,u 8-,-'-'v ...... ' "'~" ..... ...... : awarded to ' ., ion and LanaBlack, Fmrfield. . a t tangles, peachy frmt salad ,, Clarence and Marjone ~, ~ ' -- ........ .... ...................................... Brian Rem , son of Ron and Arlene I lll~aroni and cheese. ice cream. Semester / ff We have See you m the Spring!!! Our Redeemer and Salem Lutheran churches will provide a Christmas din- at the Vestey Center, Superior, Igain this year. The meal will be pro- Vided free as a joint service project of the two congregations. Co-chairmen Connie Becker and Beth Bohling, Superior, and Pat Drexel, Nelson. The Christmas dinner is intended f0nhose who regularly eat at the Vestey iC-enter and othe~s in the area who would i~ alone for Christmas, or who might '~ 9therwise not have a Christmas dinner. It will be served at noon on Dec. 25. ~ biners are to bring their own table rvice. Church members will provide pick- ~ for those needing transportation and ~ill deliver meals to shut-ins in Nelson and Superior. Reservations need to be made in advance. A book for signing up is ~ailable at the Vestey Center. Reser- vations may be phoned in to 879-3490. Persons needing transportation or home &~livery should leave their address. ora The Cnsts Center represented by Jantce Re,nke, was I made the m.tstake of reading on-hue questmns and C~ty, hke mtssmg-bram g~rl m Massachusetts? ...... ,.,,4 ,.,, ,4,...,~i^, I.~,,/,..,h,.~ I'~ Drh.-a/r ('4r~and Kninhf af t ~ nerior and ........ answers witla Ilae New York limes writer limothy Exactly how many of these women d~d the let out of B Helen Gebers v . Y . = ". lamny t. ....................... . , - . . ~ . Nelson Knights of Columbus. The funds were re,sod through the Kn,ghts Pro Karen's vounaest son who is bein Egan, mregards to h samc!e. As.we hve our)wes: !here The U an Princess Academy? They should check the,r Edna Epley and Melba Lynch at- ,,.. o,,,.t, ~ ~a,,,,,h ,.o,.,,,,oi,,,, ,; , _ ~.- 7.`= . ;...-. . "~ ~s a wno~e worto out there mscussmg our pnght, t)m you Lt2. bemre they teacla them to t e .tended ~" .... v ~ ~ep~oyed the. nrst weeg m eecemoer, know we were fascinating specimens for study'? Stick to shoe shopping, honYP; you're not ready tbr e of Vicki Pusateri, Superior Guide Rock ~ ]"~,~T,tr~,~t~,~ .. ' .~.Y~,-- , ", , y' questioned how we interact with East and West _Coast Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch. Not that anyone Nora United Methodist Women at- ~,.--.--,~k ...... a. a..,~g;vvgg;og; ~a{enana.K.aAner,.sn'Atma'mary culture, andwhatglamouror"sophisticatedurbanity we asked me, but our economic development committee teadedacoopemtivedinneratthehome lglt~iuu~l~ m~;~, B Lavon Black r~umaneg, r~earney, Lnaneanarmsten v w f ~?fPastorDortheaFairbanks, RedCloud The Guide Rock United Methodist ....... a~2~t~~i2?r~2gt~, ~n~'~s'~ier Reydon, Okla., (an, other vanishing point town) watch living museum ofreality and humanity; charge the urban : ast Wednesday. Members had a busi- Women met for their December meet- Hooter ann t.nns nansen and sons ' ' ' Sex and The Civ' masses to accom an us in ........ tless meeting and the pastor presented ing at the home of Pastors R~chard and were ,.among the re!atwes and friends Cn~U.rt~k~YeatdeK;iofermA;dLrs:;v of the The writer told her how connected we are with such argue and manage to remain kind caring considerate ala'ogram followed by a giftexchange. Dorthea Fairbanks, Red Cloud, Friday attending a droner nero ~unoay at the ~ :~ ~elevisio- ~h~,,,~ nm ...... -- .... ~-: ...... ' ..... :--'---" ......... ' ' MelbaLynchhadatablewithchina . . .. " ~ ,, e orld. ~,~ ~^ua, ~ wumu oe nappy to ~et people ShOVer I~inting for sale at the craft fair in the w~thfourmembersandthehostpresent home of her parents, Gordon and group went to ~aary smrananemoon aonlvmakesusfeelmoredetachedfromthe'r alw ' ~ ....... ' .-.----'-~ '-- '- ............. tings City Auditorium Saturday. called the meetin to order in the ab- Amanaa aga~ga stayea ~aturaay should all still be sin" le after 30 and have nothin better ' " " Saturday Roger and Sue Williams sence of the resadent Members voted w th her grandmother, Norma JeanPlace a note readm "I Were in Lincoln to attend memorial rvices for Sue s aunt, Gwen Usher, atLinclnMemrialMrtua~Me an eSs~ihma~yDI~l~t~ek anCh~iyl ~i e ~[erngt~l'~gSorance is not dead. It TonyaR. Paddock Tyler Williams and g parsonage open house Saturday after- and Mrs. T~m Sosm, all of Kearney, ~ohling, Memphis,Tenn., were week- noon Rodney and Karen Anderson, Alma, --~-~ .rim guests of Roger and Sue Williams The lesson was "Star ChildMr. and Mrs. Tony Scism, Aurora, Pheasants Forever Davenport Senior Center Menu celebrate the mutual birthdays of Yler and Me an which was Dec. 5. atT "kT ..... . Andersons, Hastings, and Ma ev, rU ...... , .... salad, garhcbread, ju ce, fru tcup. Mike and I(aren Thayer and Ken ~-K'I iN l~t'~ Congreve, Fairfield, met at Deweese ~ ..... "t Tuesday, Dec. 16. Creamed ~Jean Ann Himmelberg had supper eether at Nelson Saturday evening. N we and Carol Yost, Clay Center,The December meeting of the Re- Y~ ..... ~ r~,~m r~ ....... .~.,~,.,~ the ~~'SI m attendance including several chap- fi~h gcalltmPd earn t'nrrnt~ ~t ..... h,,~ e0., joined them later. Kai'en Thayer accompanied others pubhc Prancers 4-H Club was held at u,,, ~ .... , ..... a; .... h,q,~ i, r~,;~ -~~ ; "~ ~'~ l ter representanves from Hebron, Hast- rla~:/hannna~ the 'Singing Christmas Tree,' in the Repubhc Commumty Center on r,. a .... , t .... ......... I rags, Grand Island, Aurora, and Lm- Thursday r o,- tlrand Island Sunday evening, rv~ces Dec. T at 3.00 p.m. MadtsonWmteled e "ta ; _ cherry sauce hash brown casserole Irvin Schleufer, PMA, led se " the 4-H pledge and flag salute. Roll 'u~,,~a .... a T,,U.~ m,,.t- ....... t~ ~ ~ Nuckoliscounty Pheasants Forever ~,reen beans ice cr-.~m call was answered by our favorite ...a ........ ,,h.,.... a ..... ,o ..h ......... Scholarships of $250 each were Friday r~.~.. ,n ....... Grace Lutheran Church, Hebron, Christmas carol. There were 24 mem- .:~;: Jason Hoeltlng, son of Paul t tor r" " .maUrday evening and Sunday mom-tag, bers and two leaders present. q .... rl .... and Nancy Hoeltmg, Lawrence and brownie ' 'k"Kevin'Carl'JnandKatrinaWulf~ended a Hastings Choraleers Con- ReB~ha~t HU~lneYeleerd"~Rud~f~thpe att, e~dl~lie~oPewnnhoU~e?sU~d~yh~ly" Rem pe, Sumner. . Thursdoy, December l l. 2003 at French Memorial Chapel, Hast- gave a project talk on rocketry. Regina .... ;,~,,-;ti .... hnme /:iz=--~ .~" [ t.iun Kame winners were a so IheSupodorExDress.tSSN0740-0969, ispublishod Bird ave a demonstration on how to ;" " .';;".'";?"'.'Y". I named throughout the night, w ek v by Supedor Publishing Company, Inc., 148 .~SSColle~ze Sunday afternoon. Katrina ,, m oomenour Kome s wue tt~oromy) ,., ~ .... .-~..-.b~ ~ ,,~;~,,,t,~ t..~,-.ot Aohla,,t, ,.~,r,I |~c g. , I President Danny not-ante, el East Third Street, Superior, Nebraska 68978 ls amember of the'group. "Y~'~/, ~ 7'"]' ........ ~';2"] ":"'~7- is a sister of Marjorie. I a -la-u- fr ..... ~_".. "~'t" ~-~.""i"'~~''~ Subscdptiontotois$20poryeorln Nob*osko, $2] .26 ._ Flay Jansen, Roseland, and Gene slca wouenourg gave a tam on now to Dean and Vicki Kennedy visited I ......... -. .p.q. c o.m me na,)on,at omce tar in Kansas (~cludes SOlos lax) end $28 per Veer make sugar ,.tmr.,~ " unoa '. g " ' : po g ~_t/aTwilla Frerichs, Superior, were ......: .... ' ~ attamm anlncreaseo[oonarslorcon- olsowhoro,nlhoOn"odStcaos. 50cents rs,n le aayaftemoonlunchguestsofDon ha Ft2 w gl eum mgu hecrc u.ia ta_ hvernTgha rtS) YarLnu slsieg'; me,y IIlIIIIll II ser rntP:act:c Sauctions were held Helen Gebers after eating dinner y . s v . : - Bob and Lane Black, Dan and ff. ~, ~ ~ ~ ....... MASTER: Send odd,ess chonoo 'tO: lhe Superior , mas carols were sun and lares ot an(l Ills awameo ' ' gether at a care in Superior. g p .... andTaKa"la I: i ~ ........ g ' ' [xl)ress PC) BoxaO8 Supe or Nebrosko68~18 ' L~daY:~rs, Dave,eVeningsherry.Dnstacia,and Helenand res, dentsCkies" " wereon behalfg'ven" of tOthesOmeclub. Ofsantheta callersalltcP"aU' o,.,~.r~. ,,,,,ga,of K.,a,rfie M,on" LavonWereBlackFnday" even,ng~" ' "~. JI~ ......................................... " =" ' ~ ....... .... ~" :" ~"~" ~~ ':"" "~ ~'" ";' ~'~ ~' ~, ~i,, .,~ I ' We Print" ] ~t~eY Gebers and Steve and Diane Clause was at the Community Center " -- ' i I ..... - . I ~rs_attendedtheweddingofShanda and presented a gift to each 4-H mem- ..~.., I n,rts t.;aps Jackets Banners Signs I ber. 1I you, nave trouole, wltn a , - . , . "Ofand Gordon Watts at St. Peters Theevents committee had a stew, company s products or serv,ces, goto ,.. upenorPubhshin Comp ny I etheran Church, Deshler, and the re- ham and beans supper to end the day. thetoP. Write the president, then fol- The Suoorior Ambassadors of the ~e I 148 East Third, Supedor, Neb.. 1-800-359-2120 ! tion at Ruskin Community Center. (].Dave, Sherry, Stacia and Haley This ne~ on the low up with a phone call. representecl by John D. Price Jr., (left) recently, presented Timothy Schmidt, aded3d DOm einlta yd , - .... the Community Improvement Award for improvements to his office building at fi rOrs intemetat Don trideinacarittl~eanvernas 213E ThirdStreot ,.-, ,.,. ,-, ........ e http//www supenome corn been dnnkmg io~e~iceFw~ereSunghayinlowaCity, " , " " " IBene t Soup Supper for Charline Snydell ~ia, forMarcelle Williams, daagh- to "TAKINC'. APPOINTMFNTS" I Friday Dd 12.5-8 p m I ofGwen Williams and sis- e family of Carol Adams would like "~:lawofBobandMargoWilliams ['thank the Superior EMT's, Brodstone" [ I ~- _-_--L--E-.-- I I ~ Ea~es Club-Sunerior. Neb' ............. I ' ~_ .tin'Icy Peters, Hastings, accompa- . . ~ r" ~ ~e~ Barbara Stutzman and Virginia / Memorial Hospital and staff and | I ~,e,*~ Holly tiansen I I ~' -- ......... " .... ' .... I , nlUefer to Lincoln, Nob., Sunday " " Entertainment and Auction following attead a Christmas pageant at the ! especlally Jason and Dr. Lelbel m the I I I I Entertainment and Auction following... I ~Pi'tal City Christain Church. Icare given to our wife and mother during [ I 356 E. 3rd St.,fl i : Neb. 689781 I items include K-State and Nebraska quilts I f~Uleo and Ruth Thayer were hosts g the Carriker Christmas dinner at ! her last days. We are forever grateful.| I Sat.rdau I Matching funds by Trivent Financial Services for Lutherans ,, ~,,,HarVard Senior Citizens Center ~ay-The31 people present sang ~,,,.~.~UV,sited.,S.exchangedgifts, played games James'Aa'ie'Rnda'Sharlaa"df&1~ilies I~, Open House I ool Menus . Edward Deines , Superior Elementary School I I |I ll[ [ Lunch Menu I I II Aspecial tha~ youtoLeRoy Hoyer PMA for the II / " (Marlice Sullivan s father) ~'/" i . Dee. 15 through Dec. 19 salad,e'-'lVInday: Oven fried chicken' gar-mixed fruit, rolls with mar- I "" i II D: :ht;f:2th; i :dTnS;;b gl L%kmY::L2thhe; II / 90th Birthday I " I THERAPEUT,C_ SSAG . gD.WV. ORK I II Church for the lunehe.on afler !he service. Youran Ill Sunday, Dec. 14.2-4p.m, I Tuesday. Crispito, green, ednesday. Chili soup, cheese- I health and re,axauon I II Uaouglattu er betorgotten. II / Enjoy a finger food buffet with us! I '~ll'ker'pickle"applesauce'cinnamn I of massa.go, i II II / Vestey Center I grapes, chocolate chip muffin. Cheese pizza, corn, pine- e tidbits, ice cream. Superior Jr-Sr. High Schoot _ Lunch Menu ~. Dee. 15 through Dec. 19 ~r~v~Lnday: Oven fried chicken Or ' ' ' # pork steak, saladbar, rolls ." ": margarine. . -..'.. ".." . "o:. ~a~.Uesday: Crispitoor Mr. Rib with CIos,ng Saturday, Dec. Come 6hop in our ~ ..i, .green beans, salad bar, macaroni .'J { if- Chn tma " " " ~-"0'o- / for the seas0n. / .Wednesday: Chili soup or vegetable I 4~ . . ' ""i ':" " f* ** Z SOup, cheese-cracker, salad bar, " ,.., " deal m'ket ssues a '~"~unrll. Reazm . Freezm : ,u~'" bar,rSday:Beefstfips'greenbeanS'cookie Semester exams. I - -o- -- . . . ,~ / .' ~ ! o"qhc-~xwvc-v~m :~ challenge to the business - l~iiday: Chee~ pizza, corn, salad k 20 Yo of:t remaining, Christmas trees I . .Jx . JWX ,, .JllX _, ..... ,, ,.. . _ .,. o -- ' .':I p,u e or upertor to come up exa?s. ., gifts, Watldns, Sugar "%*_l ..... - .,. Stee"r---ciear of any place with a La- ' w rn me i $'r alSDIGV art I TaG SALE I Shack candles, wooden items and". -. _ .. . . --, ~me" sign in the window. / "~" ."" - / : ~ m,,oh ~n,,.h ,~,,,.,~ -;] canny cane Lane next year. ~e aturda " " " ..................... . , Hour . I / Thursday, Friday and S Y I . ".[ chamber waljuage the a splays Wednesday and Friday, ~ t I ,I-,I . ~.:,I Tuesday - Friday -:~!:l ' ifXdea[ loses to my 1:30-5:30 p.m. I: 1 nanK eou :/,.. I - ..; ............... .............................. .. . - .... I - = . I , ... .......................... ; ......................... = : b,aelf em.s ann asanta N t:y- " ,; hat for a week. IS Prod , c.e Pum k ns" 1. :;1" " "r'"' ' 8, I