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December 17, 1992     The Superior Express
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December 17, 1992

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0000ters school 00onsolidation Ph126awer n. . ro ltillLl"Wntennbo.a._. ceentRvThoeCrelouturrd!ilii7p! enuprHiolPOoSalleWOwnSthuP64asft [0 the ItV I!; K!._ boards, Red Cloud and ing unofficial returns indicate 421 for the proposal and 233 opposed. hi mr  Rock votersTuesday reject opposed the plan while 290 sup- tg 5! which would have consoli- ported it. More than 59 percent of , | four K-12 districts into one the votes cast in Red Cloud were |deonslructedanewschoolalong in opposition. re J laay 281. f I 1 rs in the Blue Hill and There were 175 votes cast at r llll districts approved the Guide Rock, 149 voters rejected !- The question won approval in that district with 53 percent of the vot- ers. The greatest support appeared to be in Campbell withe 210 of the 245 residents voting approved the plan. The Superior X Midlands Edition 16 Pages in Two Sections Plus Supplement iSSN 0740-0969 1992 Superior Publishing Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved Our 93rd Year, No. 51 Superior, Nebraska 68978 I Price 35 National Edition, 16 Pages in Two Sections Thursday, Dec. 17, 1992 I =";'I,, Traffic light proposed for Superior intersection  Traffic passing Superior's -The district must increase from isstilllookingforafreshmanbeys' ,wi ' . North Ward School is traveling at one to four the number of acces- basketball coach. Donn Mellott  . an average speed of 35 1/2 miles sible parking spaces in the lot in was employed as transportation per hour and no changes in the frontofthehighschoolandoneof supervisor. He previously had traffic control system are needed those spaces must have a 96-inch been employed as a bus driver. according to a report completed wide access aisle. Currently the Darlene Zielger was employed as by the state roads department and lot has only one parking space, a regular bus route driver. made available to school board The slope of the existing curb It was reported the district has .:: Monday evening, ramp does not meet the regulation nearly completed the work asso- Therel>ortdeesrecommendthe and will have to be changed, ciated with the asbestos control installationofafour-waystoplight In some locations sidewalk sec- program and $4,640.66 remains near the South Ward School at the tions have heaved more than the in the asbestos fund. It was noted intersection of Third and Bloom permitted one-half inch. Some state law would permit transfer of streets. The state engineer'soffice thresholds are also more than the this money to the Americans with will prepare a cost estimate and permitted one-half inch. An into- Disabilities fund. subnm t hc recommendation to the rior entrance door required nine The secondary and elementary CityofSupcriorforconsideration. pounds of pressure to open, the principals recently attended a The traffic study had been re- maximum permitted is five three-day Outcomes Based Edu- quested earlier this year by Mike pounds. A display case protrudes cation (OBE) seminar. Kansas has Moody, elementary principal, more than the permitted four adopted such an educational phi- In other action Monday inchesintoahallway.Manydoors losophy and it appears Nebraska evening, the board approved the do not have accessible hardware, will soon follow suit.  i: scheduled 15 cent per hour salary Accessible drinking fountains MelCrowe, thesecondaryprin- increases for Rose Ehlers, a lunch will have to be added in the junior eipal reported OBE is based oh room employee, andteacheraides high and high school wings, three philosophical premises: 1. Barbara Healey and Sandra Presentfountains are at the wrong All students can learn and - Hulling. Board policy permits 15 height and faucets should have teed 2. Success breeds success cent salary increases for new era- lever-type controls, and 3. Schools control the eondi- ployees completing three and six The gym flOor is not wheel- tions of success. For the money month periods of employment, chair accessible. Sometype of lift invested, Crowe said studies had / .... The district will week $3,615 will need to be installed. The shown the American educational from the state education depart- secretary's front counter must be system was number one. How- mont. If received, the grant will be lowered tenet more than 36inches ever, when compared toEuropean used to continue the library auto- above the floor, and Japanese students, the Ameri- mation project started earlier this Res trooms will need cans were trailing in the ability to year. mofication throughout the system, apply the knowledge used. He said Board members reviewed the The hiring of Danny Jackson the OBE program sought to dem- district's plan for meeting the as ninth grade girls' basketball onstrate how the information Americans with Disabilities Act. coach was approved. The district learned could be used. When compared to some schools, .... it appears the Superior system is not far from compliance. An 18- WoathercontinuastobetheNumberltopicofconversationthisweek. Tho moisturehasleftruralroadsandfarmdrivasbadlyruttod, somoaronoarly pagereportlistswhatmustbe Rempe to lead Il.ay,_ =, , morning approximately one-half inch of rain fell on the area but the impassable. The weather continues to hamper mile cutting efforts. It has been done to bring thejunior and senior \\;ed ice storm failed to arrive. Monday, however, the weather delivered a unusual for farmers to report being stuck with largo combk3as and grain carts, high school into compliance. Sev. ;inl bag of unpleasant tricks. Freezing rain, sleet and snow were reported Sharon Way and Jeff Christiancy are pictured clearing snow from walks in eralmodificationsmustbeinclud-  .......... "  e" tarP ' hout the area. The'freezing moistum-hasteft streets slick and dangerous, downtown Superior early Monday. ing: """ 911 operational at ' , After five rounds of voting, proved Mayor Lloyd Rust's ap- ::0000nglneers report on members of the newly organized pointmentofBillieMaxeytothe 0000epubllcan Valley study i!ii Sulrior City Council =lecttl bard'Darre]l Hins w aplrved Hardy, Ruskin KennethRemastheirpresident. as manager of the Eagles-Club. New council members were The transfer of $35,000 of the seated and city government reor- city's keno lottery profits to the i , Subscribers of both Hardy Nuckolls County Sheriff's Of- ganizedMondayeveningforcom, general fund was approved. The and Ruskin telephone exchanges flee. ing year. current city projects $65,000 in "lLlubliean valley water u_rs pact of operational changes not Allan Hurley, Republic, noted can now dial 9-1-1 tO report Under the terms of the inter- On thefirstfourvotes, thecoun- lottery profits will go to the gen- .,Pda .t .ed on the status ot the only at the reservoir but down- that weather apparently had not emergencies. The old numbers local agrement, each political cil deadlocked with Edwin eralfund. , --t rtanan t.;ounty Reservoir stream. Though acknowledging been considered when evaluating for reporting fires to the volunter subdivison contributes one Whartonand Rempeeachreceived Two council members elected ]",l'Jem .on day evening in Sups- the mining of underground water reasons for recreational use de- fire departments will also be tied member of its board to the gee- three votes, at the November election, Ed " Unilar meetings were held wasreducingstreamfllOWmNelson clinesattheHarlanCountyReser- into the 9-1-1 system for the ernlng board of the Emergency The 1992 council met for the Wharton and Marvin Smidtalong C4-_YandWednesdayevenings suggested not enoug e phasis voir. He also asked the study to benefit of those who would dial 9-1-1 Communications Center. final time and concluded pending with appointee Rick Disney were 1 r -a and Belleville. was being placed on me recent consider environmental affects The first meeting of the govern- business before adjourning to swum into office. Wharton is re- rl,U_gh the study will not be drought's affect on the reservoir, reservoir operational changes Normal to Jan. 1 .............. 27.20 those numbers out of habit. P S Previously, subscribers of the hag board was Sept. 17, 1992. make way for the seating of the tuming for his third term. Though Officers elected at that meeing new council. " |eted before the reservoir's Though it will take several years would have downstream. Clyde Cramer, observer Hardy and Ruskin telephone ex- he previously was appointed to were Max VanSkiver, chairman; Before adjourning members of fill an unexpired term, Smidt and  Operations plan is deter- for the reservoir to recover from Joan Brown, Courtland, sug- Hardy .......................... 79 1.5" changes had to dial one seven- Steve Houtwed, vice chairman, the 1992 council accepted the res. Disney were swum in for their the findings will influence the 1991 drawdown, Nelson sug- gestedtherecessionmayhavealso Merlin Luben, observer digit number to report a fire, an- .,reservoir operations, gested thelake was not showing a been partially responsible for a Oak .......................... 1.00 3" other to request an ambtllance Diana Fuller, secretary and trea- ignation of Barb Crowl from the first full-terms. 1'1  present were told the good increase, decline in recreational use at Nelson Ralph Herz, observer and still another to request help surer. Other members of the park and cemetery hoard and ap- (Ceuaneed to Page SA) i'y ,'ltUdy is a follow-up of the also said for eom to be I-Iarlan County. Lawrence ................... 94 2" from law enforcement officials, board were Allen Schlueter and blican River Basin Water a successful crop, 15 not l 2 inches Wally Bean, Franklin, re- Kenneth Hansen, observer Arnold Brown. The governing :=#gement Study completed in ofirrigation water was needed. He minded those present the irriga- Ruskin ....................... 75 The Hardy and Ruskin ex- hoard meets as needed. iltt  of 1985. also said the report's projected tion districts had allowed 17,000 changes join the Nelson ex- As n, members are elected acre feet of yields were unrealistically high. water designated for 2 9" to the five political subdivisions, -gh records indicate the Larry Gillethobserver change in having their 9-1-1 Burr Oak ................... 80 =g, e precipitation in the river SamBaird, aSuperiorbankr irrigation in1992 to remain in the emergency calls routed automat- new members are in turn ap- ically to the Nuckolls County pointed to serve on the govern- [[it .has not decreased and per- and land owner, challenged the lake. When preparing the 1993 Express plans sheriff's office. The sheriff's of- m 8 board. Aden Schlueter was e creased, the average use of statewide average prices, operation plan, he suggested that lowhas steadily decreased saying access to the Santa Fe rail- water should be allocated to irri- spcia issue fice operates a U-hour-per-day replaced by Howard Miller. Max the basin since the late road provided higher than aver- gation, dispatch center. VanSkiver will be replaced by P age grain prices in this area. He Paul Pritts and Mike Delka of Christmas Eve sem and fire phones in all Arian Drudik. Diana Fuller will  three communities can be acti- also be replaced by __ther -  Owen, project mmer, aisoquestionedwhythestudywas the Nebraska-Bostwick Irrigation The Christmas issue of The vated by remote control  member of the Hardy Village muchof the data needed discountingirrigatedcomandsoy- District, questioned the costs as- SupefiorExpresswillbepublished iff's dispatch. The " [-,'lell__galheredandprojectstaff beam prices but added a premium sociated with the studies. Board. on Thursday, Dec. 24. office can also provide paging While the governing board is AIl="rs were now trying to arm- to the price for sorghum. He said Members of the study team In addition to the regular fea- service for emergency medical responsible for the general ad- dataanddraftrecommen- he feared the price adjustments pledged to hold additional meet- tures, the Christmas issue will technicians and. firemen if de- ministration of the Nuckolls were an attempt to minimize the ings toreport on the study progress, contained Christmas greeting ads sired by the communities. Emer- County Emergency 9-1-1 oftheaudience were affect of a conversion to dryland from business fmm and individu- geney 9-1-1 calls requiring the Communications Center, the to review a series of farming methods. SUPERIOR MARKETS sis throughout the newspaper's, dispatching of Nuckolls County people who have done the work IP v] nts reporting on the study Darwin Householder, Court- multi-eoumy circulation area. law enforcement personnel are necessary to put a 9.1-1 eommu-  questions, visit Land, said for farmers within the Wednesday, Dec. 16,1992 For several days now the relayed via radio to the officers nieations system together are t ,aose eoiaducting the study Kansas-Bostwick the pumping of Corn ...................... 2.13 2.13 newspaper staff has been prepar- on duty. Scott Stemper of the sheriff's of. ggestadditionalapproaches, under und water was not an al- Mile ...................... 3.46 3.46 ing the advertisements whieh will Last spring, Leo Zadina of flee and Leo Zadina from Re-  Nelson, manager of ternaUve 'r. Wheat ................... 3.41 3.40 be included in the next issue, the Civil Defense Region 13of- gion 13 Civil Defense. 4msas-Bostwick Irrigation Soybeans .............. 5.39 5.43 Advertising orders for that rice and Scott Stemper of the Through their efforts, a erut? tedthesmdyshouldthe environmental ira. ptn..s " issue will be accepted through Nuekolls County s of- $19,000 federal grant for civil Tuesday of next week. rice, contacted all political sub- defense radio equipment and a divisions that had fire districts Or radio tower was received. Ongo- c,st rescue units based In Nuckolls ing funding of the 9-1-1 commu.  County with regard to entering nications center is through a into an interlocal cooperation monthly 50 cent surchage per - , - ---- agreement for a county-wide telephone line on each of the * I , emergency telephone communi- three telephone exchanges serv- ' .... cations system, ing the communities. Funding of , Of the five volunteer/'u de- a little less than $5,000 to help , partments based in Nuckolls with the cost of setting up the county, Lawrence, Nelson and basic 9-1-1 system came from i Superior already had 9-1-1 set'- the city and village governments vice. Lawrence has 9-1-1 service and fire districts. [ provided by Mid-Rivers 9-1-1- Zadina and Stemper have , service located at Campbell. been working for nearly two Nelson's 9-1-1 calls are an- years in an effort to make a swered by the Nuckolls County county wide enhanced 9-1-1 Sheriff's Office. Superior'$ 9-1- yuem a reality. Efforts to up- , - =.t,, I calls are answered by an tnd- grade the l$xt 9-1-1 systmn Santa Claus is again attracting attention from the roof of pendent contractor who co- to enhanced operation continue. Nelson's Ox Bow Motel. Santa is scheduled to be on the motel , : ,o ,,,  ,. ,,.,,,, traets with the City of Superior. An enhanced 9-1-1 systern roof from 7togp.m. Saturday and Sunday and from 6to9p.m. i The Hardy Rural F Board, can provide the dispatcher with Monday through Thursday of next week. While perched atop the , the Village of Hardy, the Ruskin the telephone number from roof, Santa enjoys waving to passing motorists and visiting with Rural Fire Board, the City of which the emergency call is be- those who stop by the motel, i ' Nelson and the Nelson Rural ing made as well as other infer- Superior's Santaland will be open from 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday. , . The Upper Republican River Basin includes land in Colorado, Kansas and Nebrask= lre.._  ca.... "u=. n.taon mP.. to emergency Most. Superior stores are now staying open weoknights until i