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December 17, 1992     The Superior Express
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December 17, 1992

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I .... i 1 ' : or S ursdaym 1712 X PRE S Opinions __ Pw., ,.Ann" PRE NING ..............  eeto NEWSPAPER PJox e. .  eem-o, P.O. 6ox 20 V. Kansas 06970-0258 S : $12 i: year  me  f  Ityld)lo qn ad Much to consider Light fo fety " With demand for Republican River water frequenfly suspect, the prices for corn and soybeans, normally S on r sa : the supply, the Bureau of Reclamation and irrigated crops, have been discounted but the price for With this time of the year it seems there is never must be used at all times between sunset and surnise Corps of Engineers have jointly undertaken a sorghum, normally a non-irrigated crop, has been in- enough daylight. The days are naturally shorter and it and at any other time when visability is less than 1,000 of the long-term uses of Harlan County Reservoir. creased, seems the cloudy, overcast days of winter further re- feet. of the study staff were in Superior Monday It appears the recreation portion of the study has duce the hours of daylight. With reduced visibilitity it Park lights should be used only for identifying the updating area resiclenfs on the study, assumed the number of visitations is directly ded to the seems approaching ears just blend into the country side. position of the vehicle when it is parked. Vehicles Theirs is not an easy task. The difficulty of what level of Harlan County Reservoir. Thus far the study As drivers, we need to use our headlights more this should never be driven with park lights on. During are trying to do was evident Monday evening, appears not to have considered changes in recreation time of year. Some of us don't use our fights nearly times of poor visibility, a driver meeting another car study seeks to determine how various reservoir patterns brought on by economic conditions, popula- enough. A few even try to operate their ears with only with only park lights may mistake the park lights for plans will change the benefits received, lion changes or climatic variations, parklights, tail lights and drive "head on" into the approaching of us with ties to agriculture believe agriculture One point of the report suggested development of A Mankato reader recently reminded us it is illegal vehicle. the first claim to Harlan County Reservoir water, the underground aquifer was an alternative to taking to operate a car vehicle between sunset and surise with- Even when you can see to drive, when the visibility view any attempt to change the allocation as an irrigation water from the Republican River. That may out headlights. The rule in the Kansas driver's license is low, use your headlights so on-coming drivers can rnpt to steal the water, be true in some areas but in other areas it is not. For handbook is a reasonable one. It says, "Full headlights more easily see your vehicle. But the difficulty in f'mding the study answers goes Kansas landowners, restrictions on ground water de- our natural ,uspection. The difficulty in deter- vclopmcnt will prohibit the development even if the connn,,-;e-,....u.a works, er ,,.,t" these benefits was demonstrated when we are water is available. In most areas, it is not. T e a m consider the prices being used for study, members in Superior this week promised to consider _;e ', t llh ,, As Monday, the study will use USDA the ideas presented by lc, esidcnts, save penn s ...r new .own ...r bAl' 417 prices for farm crops. But our prices in this We hope the suggestions will be carefully reviewed L Historically Superior has Nebraska's for adequate water supplies are important to the condn- What could be so important can find at the library, gwsa'peopie some recognition that it can get grown men to dec- The new 1,800-square-foot "I'd really like to do a local and get them involved in the li- corn market. To make the study even more ued economic and environmental health of this area. orate cakes, children to read building will be located on Main talent display in the library to brary," she said. books in the summer and people treet, across from the Senior to give away money? The new Citizen's Center and the Pilger Pilger Library, of eourse Post Office. Ground will be bro- - - r ...... Our Early Files ( The Agent's Corner From en Trucking and Helles IGA raising money for the past four once stood. % By Billy L. Wood, Jewell County Agricultural Agent to five years to help pay for a Duncan said the library plans new public library to benefit the to use the extra space and cen ...................... '-five Years Ago Elsie Hutchinson is going to Twmty Years Ago the mystery boy found near entire community. Pilger re- tral location to its full potential. Prior to'World War II one rest of the herd until after tale- Pare Hill was crowned wres- Chester, has been charged with eeived a grant for $25,000 In the past, Duncan has conduct- Oalbrcth became the Alaskatotakeagovemmentpo- tlingtoumanumtqueen, hhe death of his son. toward the building's construe- eda "mini-library"in theSenior farmer supplied food and fiber hag. of the building formerly sidon. by the State Bank of Su- Forty Years Ago Rev. Ted Dodd, director of America gained 140 new citi- don and village board member Citizen's-Center so that books for l l people. Today one farmer Cuiling the Beef Cowherd supplies agricultural products to What are your performance He intends to build a Lawrence Bartels, 25, cement the office of asing activities, re- zens Monday and the youngest Diane Daveys said that the would be accessible to the elder- meet the needs of I00 people, requirementsifacowistostayin theatre building out of this plant employee, was injured ceived the the new bus wasJennaLee.Harris, M-month- board has received three civic ly and young children who could withabout25ofthepeopleliving your herd this winter? Some sag- when his arm was caught in a purchased for the program. Oth- old daughter of the Mr. and Mrs. group pledges totaling $15,000. not get in the older library, in other countries. Production gested performance requirements noticed that conveyor belt in the fmish mill. m,s pictured were Rev. A. J. RichaxdHarris. AecordingtoDaveys, therehave The library has also spon- fromabouttwoofflveacresofU, are: to have bred early in the go has sent Con- Cpl. Robert Jensby returned Kleinsasser, Mr. and Mrs. A.O. The Robert TYapp family re- been many community fund- sored weekly reading programs S. cropland moves into export breeding season, the first 40to50 a note suggesting Clyde home after 22 months in the ser- Hanson and Marie DeVan, cently purchased the Rainbow raisers as well. in which stories are read to markets, days; delivered a live calf, and name for reappoint- vice. He had been stationed in The Ruskin quilters, Mrs. carpet cleaning franchise for this weaned a calf; rebred on sc!agi- as postmaster of Superior. Laborador the past six months. Arthur Moran, Mrs. F. O. Dil- area. "The community has held young Children in the summers, but again the library was too Beef Cow Management tile, within 85 days after cal.vii; there will be no fillbus- Oral Dean Webber is out of Ion. Mrs. Ova Sehultz, Alma white elephant auctions, cake small. Duncan said the new lo- Do your cows need to gain auctions and flea markets net- cation will benefit everyone weight? There is increasing evi- andstayedinsidethepasturefe all fall. It takes the net return over the argument on his the hospital after being hospital- Wegener, Vera Kaldahl and One Year Ago ring sales of several thousand concerned. . dencethat shows when cows lose from three productive cows:.lo izecl eight weeks as the result of Corn Pedersen, have quited 52 The hospital auxiliary donat- dollars. We had groups of men Burlington stockyards injuries reeeivecl in an automo- quilts since Jan. 1. ecl a 25-inch television monitor "The old library is located in body condition during pay for the maintenance of One enlarged to care for bile accident. Tm Years Ago for use in the hospital for laparo- and boys decorate cakes and sell them for the highest price. The the town's residential area midgestation, theirabilitytocycle opencow. -:: stock shipments Three miles of road have After three months of resur- scopic cholecystectomies, younger students have even where it doesn't get as much is lower during the nextbreeding by the Wilson and been graveled from Highway 3 By the time a man reares concentration plant to to the Beulah church, facing, the face of the Lovewell Jemnes Hanson end Marvin gathered pledges for every page use, but the new one is centrally season. Lake is beginning to refill. Lewis have been building pro- they read during the summer," 19, ated in town where,iI wl be To move a thin eow to moder- that maybe his father wae rlt, tied by everyone, e se- ateconditionwillrequireapproxi- he has a son who thinks I's Fifty Years Ago Thirty Years Ago Rena Clingnum, former Six- tective screens for placement in Daveys said. nior citizens from the center and mately 260 pounds of gain-100 wrong.  claimed the life More than 70 persons wexe pedor teacher, will celebrate her front of the country store and The present 500-square-foot also the shools. It will give the pounds for fetal growth and 160 Dee Blackstone. He served Sabin Oral Vaccine, in 100th birthday Jan. TtnR. Col- sini'ldi...12aysatthemusetn " library, which was oce aoaso- town a whole new look," she pounds for eow weight gain. This ........... : lins, Colo. Mere tlles was nonoreo ..... w 1 "  old. HaroldRay the form of sugar cubes, at ......... _o:..._Ounda v line station mthelate 1930s, s stud. gain oudrequtreadailygamof llaetlt,*,4. mt l?l,dF died from membranous Lovewell last week. _ ueatm J_mtea were  ,ovu.u,-may.. ... described by librarian Karen Dtmcan,smainooalistooet 2.6 potmds per day for cows calv- ,u _,,,v ,-u Phyllis Carver was honored Hmrington, Bessie KeO, tsma _ An h?ony, fn ox Mr.n .MRS. Duncan as "lon rt usable" the commtmP,, inv'/veal in wt ing in March. Including up to Bavtist Church; Leo Fuller has been at a surprise kitchen shower by Schaeffer, Ted Cowley, Paul Brian AtwOOa, mt trtsu .m'f., Not only is the o']dli-b'ra "c ,. u,,-,, ..a ,,, ,,m,, o .... ,, five rounds of rain her day in -- -." ....... : Halve and Adol ,h Doering." sta of "Life" Goes '" wnl'!e -- ...... -  - --, - . .... .--a . .., v....., otn. ul  r- o r- a oumern tmpus[ uonvenuor) to Camp Phillips at members of her Girl Scout troop Y .... P ....... eessble to the handicapped and her other plans include vtsmng the feed ratnon may be. necessary I  a,d,,.,,,, i,,.., ,a at the home of Mrs. Rudolph ,..v e xears AgO .- . tlaey, attenaecl a .twn.ynayo. me failing other state requirements, local groups and schools for to produce 2.6 pounas gain per I  ---a, ---,-., of the gasoline ra- Ahrens. tamea :tutznumn, zamer ox Chnstmas party m uamorma, but it is also drafty in the winter, "Book Taiks." in which the day. This feed recommendhinn I  .... "'" thetwo filling stations Claude Flower, a rural mail ,,, , r ,hotinthe summer and much too community is" educated on the cows. Therefor.e you may needto |ffT ChurehglS..78.6.  at7pxn, carrier out of Nelson for 37  -] small, library board members opportunities and benefits one separate me mm cows rom me |=:: Home 91s-STs-36/ Rob00W' ThompSOnmoved HI,,00 fo, II Jew e County Extension News II ..... I farm vacated by Gleal Krefeld, Germany by jetliner.  By Dean JJ  ' .... " By Deanna Sweat J ...... Sunday " " II // II c .J_ ,q,, V-'-A,..L V,aJ..LJ.L.m. ,o', v.L _y WohiServl  .__ of Superior known as help them celebrate their golde ' lm t to re lace w ,- e, ................ ,., Why it s portaa p cauUons consumer to be sure to [1 [.| I[ , . farm. wedding, furnace filters frequently: turn off the power to the furnace ..... . ... .. f.. _1.  ....... : As the furnace fan moves me each time they inspect or main- uengenntat First uommumcy v, unurcn ox unrmt .airwarmedbyflaefumace.throug. lain any part of the furnace. Lutheran Church h,,,-,-h The Nazarene ee, z.t  t . UI IlOU tll IUIlla Illter COl- v,---.---V" L Rv. Leland 8ndth Fen Falrbrother, mlnlter air moves through the house and Flyway waterfowl (pintails, Ne.n.ta.stmt.,mp.rtw,..b.- Oak. Neb. By naM. C  back to the furnace. Eventually, bluewinged teal, mallards, . 4toa4m4x Jonathan Br0beton, putor OIMee Phone 402-S79-41 Paul Albeeht, pastor Phone 40"J-JS-2J84 Wednesday Night theflltercanbecomeloadedwith Canada geese and snow geese) wedae,y Sunday (outh and Adult Bible Study ..... 7".30 husband and I play a couple games of 500 rummy nearly dirt and restrict the flow of air to move through our state in three Mkl-Week Advent Blilday Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Slllldlly :: .......................... 7:45p.m. Sunday School ......... 10:4Oa.m. Mornlr ..... lO:50a.m. 4orshlpServlce ......... 9:3Oa.m. /topasssometimeandwebothenjoyit.Ihave thefumace. L, cam'idors. Large flocks of these serv kud MommgWorbap ....... 9:30a.m.' EventngServk ............. 6 p.m. undaySchool 11 a.m. Ahough, itismuchmorefunwhenIendupwiththehighscore Thus, dirty fumacfilterswill birds stop at Kansas lakes and WorahServe ............... 6:30p.m. .............. Ilose, Igetdefensive...angry...andit reduce It fumac efficiency be- reservoirs as they nmke their an- omutay venlngrvtce .......... 6:3op.m. )beanappropriateresponse.lhaveleamed, l don't have to flY cause dirt is allowed to accumu- nualjoumeysouth. WorahtpSezmee ..................... 9a.m. MldweekBtbleStudte Wednesday Adult Bible Study and Great thoughts redtu3ed to Sunday Schooi-Ble Class .. lO a.m. Bible Centered Kids' alzzing .................. 7 p.m. because of it. Quite honestly, when I avoid letting my late o the heat exchanger. Question: W, nh weh,-,a  t,ma,=,t Nondmmmlnational Tmultattoa mt n practice becon great ets. I am much better at accepting the outcome Dirt cam abo ollect on the fan How many Chrisunas trees are ,ech sda., Km,S P.adt, blades, air ducts and duct grills. is different than what I wanted. Tom Logan, energy analyst for cut each year in the U. S. and Webber United Little Blue to be that way with our spiritual victories or losses, too. Engineefingl2xtensionatKans. Canada? First Salem Answer: Presbyterian Lutheran Church Method/st Church Christian , for a certain thing, l have an image in my mind of how State University, recommends Enough Urees, 34 million, to , but it doesn't always turn out that way. I that furnace filters be checked cover the state of Rhode Island Church m, Wto'htp wou, EL.. Fellowship Phone 402-225-4207 ,.. Offlee Old Pleasant View Scho61 andrefuse togo to church or pray anymore, butit monthly and cleaned or replaced with a forest, are annually cut 81xthmut N Centnd Illghway 14North at the JuaeUon of ' lot of good. The outcome could still be the same. immedialelywhenfiltersbecome each Christmas season. fmd the way it actually went was dirty. Permanent filters can be Phone 402-870-3733 Superior, Neb. Sunday Hilways No. 14 and No. 4 tome, and everyone clse, than the way l wanted it to cleaned with soap and water, me Hintofthe Week: ................... 9:30a.m. should be lqfayed with a filter In a supervised project, Boul- Miohael 0aerg, pastor Sunday School ......... 8:15 a.m. Pastor and Mrs. David Sellm [ Worship Service, Sunday 10 a.m. qhrow the cexds on the floof when I lose at rummy would not coating available at hardware derCounty, Colo., dumped more Rev. JerryDema, Imtor  EarlyPrar, Monclay 6:3Oa.m. Ill.lay First and Third Wednesday Bible SUady, ; a spiritual tantrum or pity party because stores, than 5,000 old Christmas trees on Sunday , Sunday School ..... 9:30 a.m. Of Each Month situation in life, does not have the powet to alter Fiberglass filters are dispos- the bottoms of nearby lakes to Stmday School ..... 9:30a.m. Worship lO:45a.m. Mina's Breakfut Wednesday .............. 7:30p.m. . WinnLng is for encouragement and losing is for growth. We able and should be discarded provide an ecological benefit as ............. spiritually as well as physically, when they become dirty. Logan shelter for fu;h and to attract bugs Worship Service.. 11:00 a.m. " Second Saturday of the Month Children's Bible Study, Wednesday ........ 7:30 p.m. . I II for the rmh to eat. " Living Faith Olive Hill Evangelical : CathoUe : Church Services FelloWShip Church Lutheran Church St. Jo,mph's Church word ofhtth Chumh Pastor Lester Snyder s..o.. X.b i "' TM c in America Editor's Notebook ._ ,.,., : Adult Wemh ................ 1o:3o a.m. Sunday School .... 9:30 a.m. ST. PAUL  ' -  8ehedttle tldren'. Chinch ....... ;.. lO:SO a.m. Worsh/p ............ 10:30 a.m. Hardy, Neb. AdultWomhlp ........ , .............. 5p.m. Walter Laughlin, pagtor " by Bill Blouvolt Daffy Masses ....... 7"30 allL Children', Chmr.h ................. 5p.m. Located five mtk outh and Saturday ...... ........... 6p.m. Wedae.d.y two nines west ofS, per Sunday Worship ........... 9a.r Youth Rap ............................. 7 p.m, Proela/m/an  l#Te Sunday School ami ,:, ,the gasoline station and moving totoWn more spmded, 'We would like to." Sunday ................... 8 a.m. Adutt mbte Study .................. 7 p.m. Aflfltattm wtth gva.lgal Free Chffimh Fellowship Hour ...... lO a. theBlauvelt family hasmainlainedthecu.qom Anexpetieilced serviceman, lhe clerk then asked, "How do Nelson-Sunday ...... 10 a.m. tldren's Btble Study,,. .......... 7 .m. tn  :one fall Saturday to nmchine maintenance. We  to you manage to have that many vehicles needing service at the ..... '  . for the task. ume eme?" Our Redeemer Union Church United First year we seem to be nmningbehind in most every task Getting into the spirit of the conversation, Rim responded, passedby without the service work "Don't you know you service vehicles oncc a year and whatever Lutheran Church of Hardy Methodist Baptist Church: And with each passing week, it seemed more vehicles you get to you do and eve/thing else waits until the next year." Evangelical Lutheran t He respollse so stunned the clerk that a/l he said was "APi Chhlnmedmr Hardy. Neb. , Church t sseco,orem the wealher was pleasant I'm not 3ed lD ask why." 508NKansu Putor Dade: 448N Kanmm Street  f Superior, Neb. * ' afternoon ad we decided it was time to start the tlBk. Rila's Imswer was at least PmliallY omcL With December 8uperlor, Neb. : Phone 402-270-340 uperlor, Neb. *, ,,  RJv. Cln Lane Prsther ) was to inventory Ihesupplies on hand.While now halfg ,.., I suspect the workw :.didrft complete Saturday Michael Osberg, imtor Weanmy Rev, aert Heydenberk Rev. Norman T. ih, ather on the lust automobile, I asked Rita to visit the aflenuxm will wait until lhe anivm ot me new year- ,,met s,o Jey ab ..... 4:30 p.m. Chltlh 40-8 district and fill my shopping list with needed items. Still on the list to be completed are two oil changes, the Bmulay  Study.. ..................... . 7:30 p.m. tlulldl  Slmda the store clerk was helping fill Ille order, he asked, inslallation oftwo water pumps and the repair f three exhaust MomlngWorshlp ...... 9a.m. Sunda Church School ..... 9:30a.m. Church at Study.9:30 a.m; Sunday Sehool .,.-.; ........ 9:.30a.m. Womhlp lO:45a.m. Worship ...... . ...... ll:OOa.m; use all of  today?" syslems. If we don't complete the repairs in the near future, Sunday School 10 &m. mhtp .,.... .................. m.o ..m, " .......... "" she knew it  probably not potable, Rita re- bicycle tmuin8 may become a necessity .........