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December 22, 2011     The Superior Express
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December 22, 2011

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From the files of The Superior E" Eighty Years Ago Harold Carpenter, reporter for Beaver School Dist. 65, wrote, "The students earn stones for their castle for not climbing over the fence and sitting in their own desk to eat.'/ A shutdown at the cement plant leaves 27 men unemployed. John HarldnS. said his neigh- her started to his place on horse- back and in coming through the timber, got his horse'mired. The ground is so Wet. All shoe repairing at Ramseier's Shoe Shop will be strictly cash after Jan 1. While Russell Hale was going to Hastings on the Missouri Pa- cific train, to see his wife and son, the caboose left the rails on a bridge near Lawrence. He was thrown through a window 25 feet association at the annual tion in Omaha. The Salem Lutherar mas day services will bl the German language bt at 10:30 a.m. Dale Taylor has sold ] est in the grocery store in to Ben Young. and received head injuries. Mr. and Mrs• Carl ] Seventy years Ago Yakima, Wash., former Fred Murphy, county treasurer of the hardware store iv of Nuckolls county, was elected visiting his brother, Wil president of the state treasurers' family in Hardy. A Different Slant By Chuck Mittan I had an experience Sunday most fathers even- tually have and no father anticipates enjoying, I'm sure; my 16-year-old daughter, Kateri, intro- duced me to her first boyfriend. I have an older daughter, but she was raised in Germany and the United Kingdom by my first wife, with whom I had a strained relationship, to say the least. So I missed that part of parenthood. Actually, I missed most parts of parenthood with her. Seems like one day she was in the second grade, and the next she was married and had her first child on the way. That's another story. About a week ago, my sweet 16 daughter sat her parents - on the sofa and said she had an announcement• Prepared for something horrible, we were almost relieved to hear she merely had a boyfriend. When you think about the many horrible things she could have told us, the pres- ence of a boyfriend seemed inconsequential, even okay. Pretty good strategy on her part, when you think about it. Shortly after that, her status on lacebook changed to "in a relationship." The young man she is dating was clearly more nervous than I during that first meeting which is probably typical of that situation. I don't really remember my first formal meetings with girl- friends' fathers, because it's been a long time :press ",onven- Christ- held in ginning Its inter- Webber ago, but I'm sure I must have had them Being new to this type of thing, I f should try hard to dislike this boyfriend like that should be my job  dislike hi make him nervous and a little frightened is to dislike him. His is to be aware tha jorling, owners Oak, is bur, and gured I Seems m a lot, My job I don't like him and be a little afraid. That was my plan going in, but things often don't transpir exactly as anticipated, and this was one of those in- stances. / Because he lives and goes to sch9ol in a different community, I had never even seen him. I had only heard he was tall, but tall does a't even begin to cover it. Turns out he is nearly  ix foot- seven inches tall, and a senior in high sc] tool. So much for the element of fear. And aftel talking with him for a short while, I found I :ouldn't dislike him either, not even a little. I fi dt like a Editor's Notebo00 By Bill Blauvelt This is a difficult time of the year for youngsters as they anticipate Christmas and long for Christmas gifts. My parents encouraged me to be grateful for whatever I received and to temper my requests. I dreamed 'about receiving every toy in the Rich Brothers Toy Catalog but I knew better than to submit that request. But I tried to spread some hints. For weeks after a new toy catalog arrived from the South Dakota wholesaler, I used every opportunity to talk about the marvelous toys the catalog offered for sale. My parents purchased fireworks from the Rich Brothers Company and whenever Glen or Bob Rich stopped by to write a fireworks order i put nay'bid in for a  toy catalog: The Blauvelts seldom sold''ythlng from the toy catalogbut the fourRlch brothers wanted to keep our fireworks business and they humored me by seeing that ! got one of their catalogs each year. While my parents may have preferred getting a Christmas box of popcorn or ajar of strawberry preserves, I thought the catalog was best. In the 12 months or so between catalogs I nearly wore the pages out dreaming about all the fun I would have, ifI only had those toys. The Rich Brothers usually drove Dodge or Plymouth automobiles and most years their vehicles were packed with toy samples. It is easy to imagine my excitement when I returned home from school and spotted a Plymouth station wagon with South Dakota plates parked near the station. Such a vision was almost proof positive that one of the brothers was making his annual sales call. One year as he was loading up his sales literature and preparing to leave, Glen Rich reached into the car and retrieved a plastic horse which he gave me. It appeared the horse had become overheated and was warped and coming apart but that didn't make any difference. I treasured that horse for many years. At least through high school, it had a prominent place on top of my chest-of-drawers. It stood about 10 inches tall, was cream in color with black hoofs and had a removable saddle• My favorite catalog section was the one devoted to Lionel trains. My imaginary train layout circled the basement of the family home with switch yards and multiple train chugging along the tracks• At the entrance to the basement there was drawbridge that Church Of The Nazarene 740 E. Seventh Office Phone 402-879-4391 Pastor Dave Coleman Sunday Sunday School ............ 9:45 a,m. Morning Servlce .......... 10:45 a.m. Women's Biby Study ......... 6 p.m. Wednesday Youth Group .... : .................. 7 p.m. Transportation and Nursery • First Presbyterian Church Sixth and N. Central Superior, Neb. Phone 402-87.9-3733 SUNDAY Sunday School .......... 9:15 a.m. Fellowship ............... 9:30 a.m. Worship ................. 10:30 a.m. Rev. Mark Diehl, Pastor Formoso Community Church Wondenominalional Bible Teaching Pastor Gene Little Sunday School ............ 9:30 a.m. Worship Service ...... 10:45 a.m. Weekly Home Bible Studies 203 Balch Street, Formoso, Kan. * 785-794-2490 Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Rev, Daryl Nelson PMA Connie RaesS ST. PAUL LUTHERAN Hardy, Neb. Phone 402-279-3205 or 402-236-8825 Sunday School 10 a.m. Sunday Worship ... 9 a.m. Fellowship Hour .. 10 a.m. Fifty Years Ago Nancy S-orensen was elected president of Tassels women' s pep organization at the University of Nebraska• The Masons will soon move into a new hall as the remodeling is near completion upstairs atThird and Commercial, Superior. The Rev. Kenneth Wooten is tile new pastor at Olive Hill church. A girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Billie Thompson. The new alfalfa Superior de- hydrating plant had a good year and has more than 2,000 acres contracted for next year. Forty Years Ago The Christmas tree at Salem Lutheran Church is decorated this year for the first time with Chrismons, made by the women of the church. A rail carload of mile was dedi- cated for CROP and shipped from the Farmers Union Mill in Supe- rior. When Ideal Cement Company paid its 1971 Nuckolls county real Our Redeemer Lutheran Church Evangelical Lutheran Church in America 505 N. Kansas , Superior, Neb. Sunday Morning Worship •. 8:45 a.m. Sunday School ....... 9:45 a,m. e.tate taxes. The total sum of tax money destined for uperior school district reached $72,343. Cindy Wulf was named tour- nament queen at the invitational wrestling tournament. Her atten- dants were Bey Woemer and Merri First United Methodist Church 448 N. Kansas Street Superior, Neb. Rev. Jocelyn Tupper Sunday Services Worship .... 8:15 & 10:30 a.m. Bible Study Thursday...9 a.m. Pettigrew. Ann Sweet is the winner of the local DAR Good Citizen Contest• Thirty Years Ago Judy Butler' s dream ofbecom- total failure as a father, ing a medical doctor will be real- Shortly after graduation, he said he plans to !zed Friday at !he University of serve f ur ears in the U S M " ., " • ;eorasKa s v.ouege commence- o y . . armes, men go to ment exercises. college for four years and become a writer. Now Rod Deuel and Betty Combs W that I write this, I have to onder how 9auch he were pictured on their cross coun- was coached by Kateri prior to our meting, try skis going down main street in I took their picture together, and posited it on Superior. Facebook. They make a cute couple fo several Eickman Realty announced reasons, but the major one is Kateri' height, Gale Mikkelsen has joined their which is about five foot-nothing, real estate agency as a salesman. efore the trains could cross. ment was built. I was sure Grandfather had h a train set. Bricks salvaged from the vault bank were used to create a shelf about three .et offthe basement floor Grandfather often elf whenever he had a hand in basement le for a usable storage place and kept the basement floor f would have been good for a train set, it also had to be lowered When the bas planned for just sue of a closed Cadams foot wide and four f included such a st design. Said it maq stored items off the While the shel posed a problem fc necessitated the pl adjusted to the vat The railr0atd" completely dead. I of downtown Super it would be to creal to apartment. But that isn' t of getting all the t¢ A youngster just change as one This year my until late January o present to her but I Twenty years Ago Two farms northwest of Nelson were sold at,auction. Norman and Marlene Ford purchased one for $405 an acre and Gerald Buschkoetter the other for $320 an acre. Congressman Bill Barrett was pictured visiting with Kevin Whitmore president of the Nelson student body, during his visit to Nelson High School. Ten Years Ago One of the must see Christmas windows is thel front window of the Perry Freeman home on Oak Ridge Road. The scene was drawn and cut from paper. Viola Bruning will be honored on her 90th birthday it the Elks lodge with ice cream and cake followed with a dance. Shawn Barry won theI M C A Hobby Stock track title this sea- son at the Speed Bowl in Red Cloud• Five Yars Ago Astronaut Clayton Anderson has been corre@onding with stu- dents of Diane] Kile and Anne- Marie Giger fotabout four years and now appexs poised to be- The Superior Express Thursday, Dec• 22,2011 Page 2B Published each Thursday by Superior Publishing Company, Inc., at 148 East Third Street (P.O. Box 408) Superior, Nebraska 68978. Subscription rates are $25 per year in Nebraska, $26.50 per year in Kansas and $36 per year elsewhere, Selected portions of this newspaper are available on the web at Bill Blauvelt, publisher. E-mail Readers are invited to follow the Facebook pages of The Superior Express and 3ewell County Record on the web and our Youtube video posts. Opinions expressed on this page are those of the author. comethefirstNebraskim{nspace, its usefulness in the beginning. Youth centers have been estab- Dr. Michele Durr has joined All of the school functions and lished numerous times and failed the staff at Wester County Hospi- tal. Funerals were held for Loin Ferguson, Warren Roe, Ralfred Knehans and Esther Spring. Letter to the Editor Editor: I didn't want to get into the controversy on the city audito- rium but I have children and grand- children living in Superior and I don't want them to get stuck with an aud4torium and not enough funds to pay for it and keep it goin in the future• I've lived in Superior more than 75 years. The auditorium had activities used the auditorium, be- cause of nowhere else to go. The auditorium has outlived its pri- mary usefulness• In the latest information, the committee talks aSout the audito- rium being used for a senior citi- zen activities and as an exercise place. Between the Vestey Center and Total Fitness we already have those places. Why would anyone want to encroach on a thriving business? The committee also talks about a place to have garage sales, flea markets, auctions and a youth center• Would there be a fee involved or would it be free or minimal rent like in the past? because of lack of attendance. Maintaining streets and side- walks and cleaning up dilapidated buildings should be more impor- tant than renovating the audito- rium. These are the reasons that brought the one cent sales tax into existence. Helping existing busi- nesses is also a use for the sales tax. Helping the skating rink mon- a good example• It was brought to my attention that the city has been putting $35,000 into an auditorium es- crow fund from the one cent sales tax for the last several years. The city council agreed to do this with the understanding from two spokesman from the auditorium w , I If you are ,ife, Beyond the Ranch By Tonya Renee Anson eading tlis now, it means I did in how using the sink would have been so much committee that, "If they were un- able to raise the needed money within 18 months the city would no longer be asked to put any more monies into escrow." This agreement was made m April 2007. Therefore, that time fact survive the surgery on the ulnar nerve to my left arm last week. Upon my return from the hospital, my daughter wanted to see if I had any cool scars. Much to her disappointment, my arm is completely encased in dressings, a brace, a wrap and nicely topped off by a sling. At this point, no one except the doctors and nurses know what they did to my arm. We will have to wait and be surprised. A bit confused coming out of anesthesia, I do recall asking *he nurse several times whther I had stitches or staples• Each time I asked, she of course patiently told me, I had both. I am really curious to see what they did to my arm that would require a random grouping of both stitches and staples. Fm quite sure it's not a pretty sight• With the exception of my first day following surgery, and maybe a few other days as well, the healing process appears to be progressing. By the time I have become accustomed to functioning with one bum arm, all will be healed and I can go back to using both of my arms; I hope! Frustrated because I cannot get my arm wet. I have learned to wash my hair with one hand. My daughter was sincerely impressed when I first managed thiS. Of course, silly me, I tried the first time by leaning over the bathtub. I had not thought of easier• With the bulk of the wrappings (as ifI were a • Christmas present)on my arm, I have few clothes I am able to put my arm into right now, except for a few short-sleeved shirts. And, in this cold weather, short-sleeved shirts are far from useful in keeping me warm. It was comical, I suppose, to watch me at- tempt to stuff my arm into a sweater one morn- ing, get frustrated and end up becoming en- tangled in the sweater• As you can see from this column• however, I am capable of typing• My hands are free and my only real problem with typing is at home where the table my computer sits on is a tad too high for my arm to remain comfortably raised for too long. My ability to lift has been restricted for the time being, which I am certain makes me the envy of my co-workers, because it gets me out of the hustle and bustle of our newspaper printing madness for at least a couple of Wednesdays• But, providing the weather cooperates, my daughter will be taking me back to the doctor this. Friday to hopefully have all this fun stuff re- moved from my arm. And then I suspect I will have no more good excuses at work or anywhere else! Many thanks to all for the prayers and well wishes• Merry Christmas to all! has come and gone and the project is no longer viable. After almost five years, the money still has not been raised by the auditorium committee. Why is the committee not taking no for an answer? All of the surveys have asked the same question, "Would you like to see the auditorium reno- vated or torn down?" Unless people ask, there•is no mention of the actual cost involved or how the project is to be funded. Is this because there are no definite fig- ures nor substantial funds in hand? I believe the auditorium boosters are expecting the city to support the whole project. With their con- stant hammering, they must feel that eventually the city council will Dye in to the demands. What are the citizens of Supe- rior willing to give up in order to restore the auditorium ? Should we reduce our police force, reduce our city employees or reduce fund- ing for the fire department and ambulance service? Something will have to give. The city budget can only go so far. I hope for the sake of our citizens, that the city council continues to vote this project down r it wasn't always at the same height• This mned construction of tressals as the trains ing shelf height• layout remained a dream, however, isn't ;tilHook at the nearly vacant second stories ior buildings and dream about how much fun e a train layout that wound from apartment ny more likely to happen than was my dream cs in the Rich Brothers' catalog• lever outgrows his desire for toys. The toys grows older. longed for Christmas present won't arnve perhaps February• I plan to tell Rita it is my Country Roads Darold (Spider) Hiatt It's beginning to look like we may have a white Christmas; large, graceful sndw flakes were falling Tuesday to create a winter won- derland lancscape in the country. The usual strong winds were held at bay and the snow remains where it lies, undisturbed. The birds flock to the ed berry-laden huckleberry bushes and sunflower seed- filled bird feeders, making for some wondrous bird watching. The black calves in the lots have their heavy coats coveredwith snow, but th ;y don't seem to mind as they continue to graze on their bale of hay. A barn owl cuddles into his nest in the beam of the By Gloria Garman-Schlaefli ages, three through 90, laughed, shared stories, prayed together and ate a feast• As with most of our family gatherings, music finds its way into the event and this time was no exception. All gathered around the piano and Christmas tree With the youngest member of the family belting out her rendition of "Jingle Bells." The three year old granddaughter theri climbed on her great-granddad's lap and they sang together another verse of • "Jingle Bells," then"Away in a Manger." All joined in as more Christmas carols were sung in harmony. Memories were shared respect I'll be the one to use it the most. I've ordered a yet to be made keyboard for our iPad. The keyboarl was designed by two Americans, who wanted to have it bilt in the United States• But they weren t able to interest an American manufacturer. Instead it will be made in China. A contract ws issued this month but the manufacture is being delayed by t] Chinese governme each year for more arrival of the new' In China, obsl country our govert Christmas traditiol holiday trees and Christmas tree dis[ all readers a Men reason for the seas Cathol: Church Sel St. Joseph's C Superior, N Rectory Phone 402- Mass Sehedl Daily Masses 7:: ie celebration of the Chinese new year. The nt requires all Chinese companies to close than a week while the country celebrates the fear. ',rvance of the new year is mandatory. In this ment is working to stop the keeping of our .. Many in our government want us to have extend holiday greetings• But I have a layed in my living room and here is wishing y Christmas. May we long remember the )n. [c vices urch b. 79-3735 de 0 am. Grace Community Evangelical Free Church of i, Superior lls-.l ¢F 423 E. Fifth Street Superior, Neb. Pastor David Johnson Office, 402-879-4126 Home, 402-879-4145 tractor shed to rally in th beyond her l trickles wit remove son flag on her The nail tion for ou outshines a seen from c landscape [ Christm cinnamon-t bound toda I am all rear preparation The fam always it w Chx Chu ll8S. i Manb 785-: and seems to be comfy and dry. Cassie, our dog, seems ', snow and romps about trying to catch birds as they fly ;rasp. Traffic on the county road that runs by our house travelers, but the motorgrader makes a pass by to of the fresh-fallen snow. The driver has her American motorgrader flying as it glides by. ze cedar shelter belt that, provides much needed protec- : farmstead is being decorated with snowflakes and ay decorated Christmas tree. The creek and hill tops ur house look like they could be featured in any winter ainting by Kincaid. is songs are playing on the CD player and the scent of lavored coffee fills the room. It is great I will be home € as I received a new book as a Christmas present and ly to sit in a chair by the fireplace and enjoy this day in for Christmas. ily gathered for an early Christmas celebration and as as a memorable time together. Family members of all of teenagers who always provided a solo or two when they were younger. Then it was pinata time, but lacking other younger family members unable to attend, the three year old granddaughter was the only taker. First the traditional pinata march was observed, with everyone chanting, "pinata, pinata." She then swung a stick striking the pinata several times, but it remained stubborn. Soon one of the teenagers was called upon to come to her aid and it took him several strikes but finally it broke and yielded the candy reward• Next came the gift exchange and there were the usual jokes played. Most commented that the Burr Oak "Wally World" store yielded the best shopping selections for unique gift items. My sister showed her annual family DVD productions that are looked forward to and then it was time to take photographs to aid in the remembrance of this special family time. To all those near and far, a merry Christmas from the Country Roads! istian rch of akato 2ommercial ato, Nan. t78-3707 Evangelical Lutheran Church 201 South Center Mankato, Kan. 785-378-3308 Living Faith Fellowship Word of Faith Church 315 N. Central • Phone 402-879-3814 Sunday Worship Service .................... 10:30 a,m. Evening Service ........................... 5 p.m. (except 4th and 5th Sundays) Salem Lutheran Church (ELCA) Highway 14 North, Superior, Neb. 402-225-4207 Sunday Worship ............................... 9 a.m. Su'nday Forum and Saturday •. ...... 6 p•m• Sunday ........... 8 a.m• Nelson Sunday ......... 0 a.m. Father Brad 'itek Firsl Baptist CI N Co, / Superi Rev. Floyd Richa Church 402-8? Sunda 3 Worship .............. ] Wednesd Bible Study Jewell Tri United Metl Jim Rice, p Sunday Sunday School ......... Morning Worship ... Wednesd Kids for Christ ......... torch nmercial ,r, Neb. rdson & 9-3534 0:45 a.m• y .... 4p.m.  Sunday Sunday School ......... 9 a.m. Morning Worship ... 10 a.m. Prayer Time ............. 6 p.m. Afflllialed with tile Evangelical Free Chllrch of Anlerica Jewell Christian Church "A family you can belong to" 111 Main, Jewell Dan Daniels, pastor Church * 785-428-3657 Parsonage • 785-428-3323 Sunday School 9:15 a.m. Worship Service 10:30 a.m. Kids for Christ & Jr. High Youth Groups Wednesdays at 4:15 p.m. nity Webber United aodist Methodist Church stor  Webber, Kan. -- Office 785-361-2664 Res. 785-361-2070 • 9:15 a.m. Sunday 10:30 a.m. Worship ............. 9:30 a.m. y ... 3:45 P.m. Pas o:( Roger Wadis ...... I .................................................... t Sunday Sch)ol ...... 9:15 a,m. Morning Wo:ship 10:30 a.m. Thaddeus J. Hinkle, Minister 785-378:3938 Calvary Bible Evangelleal Free Church 99 W. Pearl Jewen Kan. - 785-428-3266 Wayne Feigal, Pastor EFCA i Wednesday Prayer Meeting ........................ 7:30 ! Sunday Sunday Schoo! ................ .9:15 a.m. Sunday Worship Service. 10:30 a.m. Evening Service .................... 7 p.m. Affiliated with the Evangelical Free Ctmrch of America First Community Church Oak, Neb. Phone 402-225-2284 Sunday Sundhy School .... 9 a.m. Morning Worship 10 a.m. Sunday layer Meeting ..... 7:00 p.m. B:ib,e Centered Sunday Worship ................. 9:00 a.m. Sunday School ..... 10:30 a.m. Northbranch Friends Church • Phone 785-647-8841 t.+. Located eight miles "" north of Burr Oak and two mile s west. Sunday Sunday School ........... 10 a.m. Worship ...................... 11 a.m. Kenneth Smith, Pastor "Where The Son Always Shines" Jewell County Catholic Churches Summer (May-Oct.) St. Theresa 320 N. Commercial, Mankato' 785-378-3939 Saturday ....: .................. 6:30 p.m. Sacred Heart, Esbon Sunday ................................ 8 a.m• Father George Chalbhagam, CMI Wednesday Christlm Development Night: Adults ,'and Children .................... 7 p.m. Rock Solid Youth Group .............. 7 p.m. Radio Pi-ograin, KP, FS AM Sunday Morning ..................... 8:30 a.m. • Patsy Busey, Pastor United Methodist Churches Schedules for Sunday Schools and Worship Service Mankato Harmony ... Worship, 11 a.m. Sun. Sch., 9:45 a.m. Ionia ......................... Worship, 9:30 am. Sun. Sch., 10:30 a.m. Esbon ....................... Worship, 8:15 a.m. Burr Oak ................. Worship, 9:30 a.m. Church of Christ 564 E. Fourth Street Superior, Neb. 402-879-4067 Jim Stark, minister Sunday (no evening services) Sunday School ................ 9:30 a.m. Worship Service .......... 10:30 a.m. Youth Meeting .................... 4 p.m. ' Youth & Bible study & small groups Call church for information . Sunday School ............. 11:15 a.m. Communion ....... ist & 3rd Sunday Don & Margaret Olsou Interim pastors Day 1 Radio Program KRFS AM 1600 * Sunday * 8 a.m.' Olive Hill Church David Watters Sunday Sunday School... 9:30 a.m. Worship ....... 10:30 a.m. Located five miles south and two miles west " of Superior Proclaiming Christ Since i876 Centennial Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod) 855 N. Dakota Street, Superior, Neb. Phone 402-879-3137 Saturday Worship ...... 6:30 p.m. Sunday Worship Service 9 a.m. Sunday School-Bible Class ..'. ....... 10 a.m. Pastor Brian Earl Worship with us via live broadcast each Surwlay on KRFS Radio Please caU for additional worship and Bible study opportunities.