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December 22, 2011     The Superior Express
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December 22, 2011

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4C .THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS Thursday, December 22, 2011 Dear Santa, Hi, my name is Ashton Grassmann and I am 6 years old. Does Rudolph's nose shine? Do your elves fly? I want a toy plane for Christmas and I want a hotzod with black flames. I also would like a computer and I want il to be colorful and real. I hope to see you again. Your friend, Ashton Grassmann Dear Santa, Hi my name is Kiara. I want to know how do the reindeer fly? How does Rudolph's nose light up? I want a dog to entertain me. I would like a Golden Retriv '. My morn really wants to see her mom on Christmas Day. Please come to my new house in Hastings. Have a Merry Christmas. Your friend, Kiara Henry Dear Santa, - Hi, my name is Benjamin and I am 7. Is Rudolph s nose really bright? Do the reindeer really fly? I want a DS because I can play games on it. I want a, pick-upbecause I can play with my brothers. I want a race car because I canpl, ay racing. I want a transformer to play with, I want a racing car track because,Ican play with the car. I want a, airplane because I can play with it. Your friend, Benjamin Odell Dear Santa, Hi! my name is Chloe Butler. I am in first Grade. 'F0r Christmas I want to get my mommy some new clothes for Chfistm/is.' I want a i-pad for me and Noah to play games on. I would lik a new coat. I wanta toy puppyl It makes ffoise andjtWalks back and forth. Noah ahdq 9)ill play With it at home on the hard floor. Does Rudolph really fly up in the sky and does Rudolph fly around the sky? Does Rudolph's nose light- up in the dark?  I wish you, Rudolph, and.the elves a very Merry Christmas! Your friend, Chloe Butler Dear Santa Hi my name,is Austin and I am 7 years old. Dos Rudolph nose really glow? D 9 you like to bring presents. I want a P.S.P. its a game. I want a new bike. I want a fake car with wheels. I well give, you'cookies. Yotr'friend, Austin Roberts Dear ,Santa, H0w does' Rudolph's nose glow red? How do reindeer fly? For Christ- mas I want a Laptop because I will do tokemon.. I false want a DS with a pokemon ramble blast so I can get pokemon! And I also want a remote control car! Have happy new year's! Your friend, James Love Dear Santa. Hi. My name is Ella and I am 6 years old. I want a horse braid mane and tail book so 1 can braid horses manes and tails. I want a blue toy umQorn. ,Iwant a yeJlow puppyso I .0hae 2 p.uppy:i,$.a{,a do your reindeer fly? I really want to see one. Dose Rudolph nose glow? I want to know. I hope you bring me presents. Your friend, Ella Gardner A '?i Superior kindergarten, first and second grade stude evening: "Deck the Halls," "O Christmas Tree" and "A front row, (from left) are Teegan Duncan John Frans Dear Santa, Hi my name is Neah and l am 7 years old. I want a i-pad to play games on and take pictures. I want a i-pod to play music and too play games. I want a computer to play games and write on for Christmas. Does Rudolph nose really glow? Does the Reindear really fly? Your friend. Neah McMeen Dear Santa, Hi my name is Tru. I want a real golden retreiver dog and I want a grey & white cat. I want some cars for my brothers. I would like to know how you get around the world in one night? I'd like to know does Rudolph's nose really glow? I can't wait till Christ- mas. Your friend. Tru Edwards Dear Santa. Hi my name is Roscoe and I am 6 years old. 1 want a x box 360 with connect. And I wanl for Christmas a Wii with games because I want to play the games. On Christmas I Want a DSI with games: Does Rudolph have a shinny nose? Santa is itfun delivering presents? It could be a fun Christmas I don't know. Your friend. Roscoe Baumbach Dear Santa Hi. my n; me is Gloria and I am 6 years old D( es rudollph's nose glow? Do you like c e[ivering present. I want a laptop. I a n going to play it. Jesse nts sang three songs at the elementary winte III Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth." Pictured in sen, Exayix Conner, Tye Wa, rd, Talea Zimmerman, Drake Superior First Grade - A Christmas Stories so he can play it. Alex so he can play it. I will me cookies. Gloria Mendoza wants a i-p wants a x-bq leave you sc Your friend Dear Santa Hi my name What is Mrs the reindeer Christmas is five other o want a blacl For me nint{ like tun. M Your friend Dear Santa, Hi my is years old, What is Mrs game becaut 1 can play remote count goes. I war truck to see i have a gooc Your friend Through this pass thefinest in the wor "Our Custo Withappreciation of your b warmest wishes for a Me and a prosperous N s Laci and I am 6 yeas old. Claus name? How does fly.9 What I want for a lalaloose because I have aes. For my family we wii because we like wii ado DS because they look :rry Christmas. Laci Kirchhoff ;had Holcomb and I am 6 'hat does the reindeer eat,? Claus name? I want ads se when we go to Hastings t on the way. I want a 't cop ear to see how fast it :a remote comrol cabelas ow fast it goes. I hope you flight. Chad Holcomb m door people Id- 00lers" tsmess and with y Christmas ,w Year! ii A @ We make quality, andlservice happen/ Happg Holidags P.O. Box 404 Superior, Neb. 68913 402-879-4788 , Member FDIC i Competitive q Ex x/Next Busine,,;s Day Payment -Deferred Pa ,ments Available On Farm Open e Program " Extended Hrvest Hours " Agmx will be closing at noon Friday, Dec. 23; .Closed all day Monday, Dec. 26; Also Closing at noon Friday, Dec. 30 & all day Monday, Jan. 2. Season's Greeting from all of us at A Suped6r: Eric Krotzinger, Bruce Tinkharfi, Brian Flaata, Dave Healey, Pat Utecht, " Glefida Kermoade, Chris Hiatt and Sandy Nelson Deweese and Oak:,lamie Nejezchleb, Marlene HuN, Virgil Brockman, James Heskett, Patrick Dunn and Baker Su perior, Neb. * 402-879-4702 1-800=228-1 "Santa has a lot to do to get read, Christmas. I want a dog and kitt, want a yellow lab and a black Santa dos need to check his list of and bad kids. Then he checks his deer. Rudolph has a red nos. He g go to the frunt. Santa has a lot of to his bag for children. He wears gloves, a belt, a jacket, boots and Santa is so busy at Christmas tirr by Jade AI "Santa has a lot to do to get reac Christmas. For Christmas I wan tens, just five. I want 1 black kitt orange kitten, 1 white kitten, l and 1 brown. Kittens are cute, Cm a puppy? I want a weiner dog be they are so funny and they are Santa checks the good and ba, every year twice. Probably Sa addresses by the names. Mrs checks the milk and the cookies. loves cookies, that is his favorite s Rudolph helps,Santa. What Ru helps with is lead the reindeer be he has a lite on his nose. Before: goes for his ride he has to clea sleigh to see if there are prestos for kit- m, l ;ray, I get :ause cute. list has Clos ;anta rock. [olph :ause ;anta a his n the Lawrence, Jackson Bernal, Rayne Griffith, Joryean Sturm, Carsyn Koenig and Xander Foster, (sec Lilly Edwards, Zak Corman, Cayce Barry, Tyler Everhart, Nevaeh Blecha, Grady Henderson, Sophia McGowan, Meg White, Lauren Tietjen and Seth Grijalva. sleigh that are left over from last year. Santa has to put on his clothes so he can't get cold, He has to put on a jacket, a hat. a belt, some pants, boots and some gloves, Santa is so busy at Christ- mas time!" by Cassidy Benjamin ' for m. I cat. "Santa has a lot to do to get ready for ood Christmas. Santa has to get toys ready ein- for Christmas I am asking for an ts to American Girl doll and a trampoline ys in with sides. I think Santa has to put hat, them in a bag. Santa is going to wear a nts, coat that is warm with a belt so it won't e!" fall off. He is going to wear fl uffy pants tens and boots. Santa has to check a lot of stuff". He has to check his naughty and nice list. He has to check his sleigh so that it will run right. Santa has to see if his reindeer have food. He feeds them hay and grain. He needs to see if he has water for the reindeer. Santa hooked the harness to the sleigh. Santa is so busy at Christmas time!" by Haley Blackstone "Santa has a lot to do to get ready for Christmas. First he checks his 1)st of presents to know what l get. I am gettkag an AmerJ, can Girl-d011 and it's a Hawaiian one  it has2&house with a window that has candles on the sides. He has to check his naughty and nice list. he also checks his map so he nose ( T00.e-flic We appreciate your business, Travel safely this Holiday Season Petro Plus State Line Siation Petro Plus Tire Company Superior, Neb. 00eastn' e" s Gre tings From the staff and residents at Good amaritan Society- Superior. samaritan Society. SUPERIOR 879-4791 )m ! where my friends live. Rudolph and the other reindeer have to get a drink of water before they go. Santa gets the bells on them so they jingle in the sky. Santa just needs his mittens on and his socks and boots. We're going to bake cookies for him. Santa is so busy at Christmas time?" Halley Blecha "Santa has a lot to do, to get ready for Christmas. He makes skate boards. He makes wood toy houses for all the children. My toy house is white. Santa checks his naughty an nice list. Santa has to deliver gifts to kids on the nice list. Santa cleans out his sleigh and he loads up his presents. Santa needs to get Rudolph and hissleigh ready to go. Santa has to feed Rudolph carots and hay. Santa has to hook Rudolph up to the sleigh, Santa wears a hat and-has to wear gloves and boots. He wears a fat coat too. Santa is so busy at Christmas time!" by Noah Butler "Santa has a lot to do to get ready for Christmas. Santa has a jacket. It is red and white, He has pants that are red and white too and they are warm. Santa has gloves. They are warm too and he has boots that are brown. He has elves that help him. They make the toys. They make dolls for girls and toy trucks for boys. Santa has reindeer that make his sled go. He has to give food and water to them. The food is hay. He has to load it and he packs it tight. Santa checks his list for naughty and nice kids names. He also needs to see if his sleigh is working, Santa is sc time!" "Santa has a lot to Christmas. The fir., get the fun toys a h toys a hopping he tc make. He might te Raggedy Ann doll o He also needs to c naughty list. He m his sled if it is dirty he makes sure that t to fly ! Then he hool the slay. He has to ing like gloves or b Santa is so busy at by B "Santa has a lot to Christmas. Santa good kids. Maybe t to some kids. San: toys for the very games make good 1 for your brain. Sat name list and the Santa needs a map lost. The map also The Reindeer need the 10lag trip: Santa reindeer before he 1 reindeer carrots an up the reindeer to bells on each of needs dry warm cl red and white. His his fingers won't busy at Christmas md row, from left) :ullerton, Michael rosy at Christmas by Mikah Gay to get ready for t thing he does is pping. To get the lls the elfs what to 1 them to make a r a walking puppy. aeck the nice and ht want to check Before Santa goes ae reindeer no how ?s up the reindeer to mt On warm cloth- rots to keep warm. Christmas time!" 'ooklynn Grabast ]o to get ready for rings toys for the e will bring trucks is bringing good good kids. Video ;ifts. They are good ta checks the good naughty name list. o that he won't get tells where I live. to get redy to go on i needsto feed the eaves. Hefeeds the t hay. Santa hooks :he sleigh. He puts he reindeer. Santa 9thes. His boots are gloves are warm so freeze. Santa s so time." y Henry Grijalva Twinkle! Twinkle! Twinkle! A starry Christmas to one c Superior I 00surance Center Superior * Nelson, Lawrence