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December 28, 2017     Superior Express
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December 28, 2017

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8A THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS Thur'~lay, Deoernber ~. 2017 Republic -- By Belly Bouu-ay Bryan and Carolyn Simms were "]'h~tr~day evcaing ~Upl~r guests in the home uf foe and Andrea R~=hcr and they had t~ir Family Chri.~tmas to. geziler. G~wy am:l Jennifer Luring ho~ted a (~m-islma_~ twning meal and gift ex- change al their home m Scand~, Bryan and Carolyn Sire ms were in anemlaJ~'e. Kent+ Bltya~J Dil]on Btytu-ay were gue%1~, of Rohcrt arid Ader, e Ahrea~, 5~pm-ior, forChristmas Eve norm meal. Al~ at1ndin8 were Jade Al'uen~. Ri- chard. Sh~rlut and Ca.,~,,andra Ahmns, Ktay Bouray and Kellm Pzlnlatc'~r. Ref~hlic Oil-Rip City Inn hem a 12 days td Chri~im~ drawing an(J 1h winner~ am ~ follows: free Lx~kie Charlie Dic~. pastry Allan Ca.rl.~on, brt'akfa-~t s~mdwU:h Dar~efl Hala.~n. ~,ide order of ehtliCe Collon Odetlc. haske droner Refer Kintigh, soup and .~ bar Lt~i~nn Brown. dnnk punch card .Sarah Sten~n KuJ~c, think pur~:h card Be'an Simms. n~ln special Jim E|jiolt. No, I burger night H>ecial Ror'~la B'~=ha, No. 2 ['~.J rf~ i~light ~pe. cial Mark Brown. breakfast platter- hr'akfa.,tl ht, ll~'l Drew Erkenbrack. We w i~I be clo~'d Saturday and Motv3~y. Rae Hob~m Memorial L(l~ao had a p~ ~dtu m(lut for (he ctx,kieex'hange. Marilyn wants everyone te ~ow thai there a re ~t~ of new tx-x>ks i nand ready for ch~.'ckout, [~ooks that a~ the J~brar3. "~. a~ld h~k~ Ihal uam in ~,l the I~x~knlohiIe. January i.~ a great nu,~ith to ~enic il~ with a g(n~d tn~k. ~ come }le~.'k M'q1",@ OUt. Betl~ Boa.tray. Kay and ZtT,~n ;,zte,ldtd the bmhday diluler h,r Va~dcftbt'rg. I.t~"~ rm~ther. .Tui~ntte. v.a~ ~Ll~O prc~-illt tt~r pi,,/a. drink, giilh and a vi,,iL Kt'nht .%maru had 'hri~tma.~ with hl~ ~l, R~,an. a~d |-~nlilv in Om-',ha. a ~.-t~e|lr4.i][ed b!l,rfl II IX a~'~a}~ gn1,1,1~J |tl call th~ k-(tnllT|U:illCatltnt~, departlrlt~l ,rod I1 Iheul Lit~x. Br, a, .rod (.'arolyn Br/on enler- taIHud I J gU, t'q'= lot dirLnL'r, ~T=.'tt B?'/Olt and I,atlli,.l=a (.;l~,,~'~x'k. Kan,,a', CI~>, Deb Copenhave;. Rcpuhh~. (;alcn. P, cck], and Danren Noi~n, Salm-.. ~ke utzd L,lvJa Br,~olt+ Counland. Katlt) and l)arre][ Brzon and vinc and Judy Palua. gelleville. (',mnne Smith had (',, dln- i~'/wtlh her m)n.Tint, and Ili'~ htmtl) t~ ()n ])~:. $4 the I~ Nothln~J,~ a~td g=~'~t~ lr.,~cldd to 1he Kan,lt~ ('reek Inn. Ctmcol'~ia. Belly ~g~1.t[:t)" ~. a~. tIN.' h=~,l f~r theday, "t'hn~.,~ amtenldi~g were: I),~ Nothing gah. Pat I)innin~. Shirley .~ohn~tm. BcHy Bt~uray and Jol%e Rt KlgeL%-(.~-lte~l~ ~.'C%'~': Sondra Jcili,,on Kn, x:k= Pat Ponnds. Kayaitn Herrrnan. J ill N anne. L%: I~-~n 3"l~'~m p.~ul. At;er a II~.';fl we '1a~1 the table and did Ihc ~arinn '*'rap hall A f|m gift c.xcllung ~alllC ~ We d~w il]~-'tUl~P*, tin pa~.'r plait'., plated nit tntr head*, it., vt c tter 11r1 dlrt'~thql,,, t)iii ht~l ganlc ~,a~ ,i ll;tl"~I'L= th-,t ('hfl%lmd, ",~n~: h~, Ihc =1|1 .'Hid ,!11",'.~.l '~ "-In~l[lLI It ('qtl IIL"kl gaihcrdlg wll~. I'~.' hcl~ al Pal Dlll~=n)~ ,= ,J~, ",he ho,~t~ and wc. plan i15~ lt11 g .~ ,aT 11P: J.~ Nc(iiling~ hax-e ix'~n Tllt.'~'il|~=~ I*~t II yaJ~, now and don't piai~, on %Lq'~pill~ an~I til]l ~txln, lilI John and Joyce Keelan lour, d an inverted tree to be a unique addition to their cotlectton ol Ch nstmas trees. The 1tee is displ&y~l in one of their home's second Goor windows I Nora i i i Saturday dinner guesl~ of Helen Gzhers for their familyChfistmas gath- eri~8 were Tom and Kim Gebers and Paul F..~waurds of York, R_~ese Gl~r~ of Lincoln,Nab., BRtt Gebers of Frisco. Texas. Seth and Motet Gebers of C~ceola, Steve and Diane Gebers, Brandon and Jamie Ridder of West Point. Dave and Sherry C~hefs and Hale)' Gehers of Nor~ and Stacia C~e be r~ ~q" Omaha, At net aUcn~ing a worship ~'c~ ice at tht-lr cll~trt.'tI Helen Gehee; and Bran- dolt ;ind Jamie Ridder wepe Christmas Eve supper gues=s ot" Steve and Diane Gebe~ Mary Ann Mey~and Helen C-ehers alI.ended a card party at the horue of Darrell aad D~nna Jansen at C~an~ Tuesday afternoon. Tim and Deb McDowell, Nathan and Caleigh of Cheyennu. Wyo., w~rc Monday through Sa*urday guests of Steve and Diane Gebers Helen Gebers was aCiu'istmas night supper guest of Arian and Ines Lunzmann in Byron, Dave aad SherryGebers=$tacia and Haley wene Chrisunas dinner guests SandayefRonandNancy Hefts. Other guesl.~, we~ Troy. Reed and Amy ItoflLS He who has 1]'~ righl necd_~ not to fear . . . |Tilth is generaffy the best Villdication against slander. Energy'Wise News for Immedlate release! L~k of green: Santa in ~e ted, elves are blue, no white Christmas! Reliable sources have just ton- firmed dmt this year, Santo C]au~ wi[I be limiting his visits to children who are deemed "extremely nice" because &colossal energy costs incuned wi~ transportation,production and em- pIoyeeacco~ns. Ac~ordingto S~ta's accouulant, Miss L. To=,CPA, most of Kr~ngle Hok[ings. LLC. assets have been frozen undl Santa makes ~..stimtion of his outstanding energy bills. In the lastcoupledays.enet%,7 audi- mr~ from North Pole Public Power District (NP3D) released f-md~gs frm~ a J~cent energy assessment of Clans" eompound. The wdtTxm ~ identi- fied the following items and issues as primary conlxibators to ~e excessive energy use: Traditional ~l~and~t Christ- mas tishts were stnm8 and i(luLminazed 24 boars-a-day for the entire pest year cosdng KJringle morn ~ $200 per suing. New enersy effici~mt LE~ ]igh~s would kava cost It, s dam $ I per siting if St. Nick would have operated them for only 18 hours pet day between Thanksgiving and New YeaFs Day. * Thermostats in d'~ elves' doffni- tories were leh set at 80 all winter instead of tile recommended 68 when occ,pied and 60 during unoccupied and aighuime pennis. Such thermo- stat setbacks co~tld have saved up to20 percent in heating costs. - Mrs+ Claus ran an old, energy- guzzling plasma TV for 16 hours each day while baking cookies. New LED- LCD ~evisions of comparable size only use about 20 percent of the ele~- ~eity consumed by old plasma sees. * Jack F;~l.kept his Chnsvnas spir- its chilled in a 1940s reffi~tor with dixW coi~ That antique k:e box sat next to the reindeer I~Lrn'S furnace room. A new ENERGY STAR @ re- frigerator with clean coils would have used less than one third the energy. To make matt~'s worse, r, he old fridg had CT~'ked. seals tlkat allowed, cold air to leakout, andagainsthis parents' heart- felt pleas, Mx. Frost seldom closed the ~frigerator door all the way of his chronic i~sponsibility. "Becau~ of poor maintenance, fuel efficiency ForLhe Big Red M Jls sled has taken a huge oosedive, Compound- ing the problem, because of lack of M&R Bookkeeping and Tax Service, LLC 454 N. Boom St~I P.O. Box ~2~ Su~e~ioc Neb, 68~7U. 402-87~7~ Kdstin Sunday, E,A, ,,, Marilyn Pelers0n cxc~ ise and over-induJgeace, the nine reindeer that puLl the sleigh have be- come fat on prcmiuet =lfa]fa, Those factors, combined with last yP..,i~gl S in elfalfa costs, ~ripled Santa's feed bill+ Had Santa considered a plug-m hybrid elec~c sled {PHES), he c~u.ld hs~ cut his transportation costs ten. fold. Eht his vacation to Jamaka during the en@e month of August. Frosty the Snowman charged the utilities at hb beachfront bungalow to KringleHold- hags. Ut~oJrtunately, tlmi~mgak~w was nut equipped with an ENERGY STAR window aircondRioner, Non- ENERGY STAR air can ese up to double the amoum of et~rgy to provide the same anmtmt ofco0|/ng. Waterheatet-s atC[aus' compound ran ueady continuousLy because of eninstdated hot waler pipes, leaky fau~ cets, nonuse of low flow shower heads and aerators, and sugar plum faL,'Jes tak!pg hour-long showers twice a day. S~nla t'~ronli~:'d I0 do beltcr next year! Letter to the Sth I.,egislaUve District By Sen. John Kuehn, Neb r~ka lJq~Ldal ure As _,?.017 d.tav,~ to a clo~ a n~- legis]atlve ~,e~lltll ~KKIH|b (3n the hot;- zoo. The ~ond ~.~lOl~ ol the IIL';Ih Nebra-~ka [.~glslatm~ will ct~?L~clle ol~ W@tiIne~la~. Thlh lnark% Ihe ~c-cund year of the bi'nl].~lll'=lt i A ~01'1 ",t:~MOII lasting ~1 |eg|~latP, ,la~ ~, t~ legisla- Lure i.~ eurfetltly, scheduled Io conclude its work and adjourn in carry April. The firbt I(1 legi.qal~e 0ay~ are the only oplx,rtunily h)r .~natorb tu Intro- duce new iegislatit~a. During that lime. new bills will b~ ~ublnitled and vi~r- en~'~=d to their conmtiltee ofjunsdi,.:- tion to schedule pah[k" hearings. It Ih expected that several hlzndwd new piece~ o f Icgi,~$alion will be introduo.~d. ]]ecau~e it i.~ the .~e,cor, d year tXthe biennium, legis]ali~n that wa.~ intr~- de~ last year hul ~t indefiniteiy l'Xlj-Stl'~ned by c4nnl nu oL~ fl[' during t]t~.v debate remain.., acti',e. Flour debate this ,,~e~sion ~ill hal:in by debating bills that ~etnain on general and .~lect file fnlm Lhe pre~ loan yeas. The web, ire of the Nebraska Lvg.i..,lat~r c,qttain~ a ~ink It:' the end ol ~.~,lttl~ v.~rk~,heet whzu'h dc;atl~ the ~laZU~ Of C'~C['~ hill Are your savings earning what they should? ~lm ~Hinm RitDncmi .q~i 32l N f..~l ~,J Supe~u. I~ 6B978 Iviw,~Hlamllii~um~ 5,'knmd]~ TSIP~" EdwardJones" IRkKIII'~i SENSE U-t" IN1:SlFINIG: i- "1 : Supedor Groomers & Doggy Daycare II I A Full Service Pet Salon ' ~.,'.~"~ ,Emai1: i.... ' pCheckomwebsilew w.suPenorgoomets, com II I._~ '"J Crowl Tree removal, Trimming and Stump Removal ]il~ II InSU[l~ I [:) , Reasc~abJe fates. Custom Application of Liquid and Dry Fertilizer and Chemical Propane Anhydrous _ . Crop "--'-" o-'roOuctwn f Serw. ces 1221 E. 3rd Street Superior, Neb. 68978 {402) 879-4749 Brodstone Memorial Hospital Medical Staff Dr. Tim Blecha * Dr. Robert Leibel * Dr, Julie Theis Alisha Fangmeyer, APRN * Heidi Bergen, APRN Jason Hass, PA-C Matthew Gatlin, PA-C Board of Directors Janet Eggers * Judy Grove * Marlin Meyer Pat McCord * Jodene Clabaugh * Jacki Porter All Staff, 200 Strong ---- :~ .' :. ..L introduced the lust ~@~-'qOl'~ As new h~ls a~ ~lilrt3~Dt;cd. zhe~ will be added tO the v, orksheet and 1heir stalus updated dad) a~ they progress through ~ltt. ~,3sl,:nt. As bills make their way through 1he o,nm ittee ~d floor debate pnwe~,. I enc'tlUrage vO t L'l"s tO U.'~ the Nehcu,.ka ] ~g istattLrc" s wehsite to identify bIlh of imerest. track their progress, aJ~d ~',.~ess voting records_ A wca~Ut ol~,urccs an~ avail- able at ,lebraskaleg,.,, for v~er~ to ~'ce~,s. mc]nding the daily act~vilies of the legl~ialul~_ A biennial hudfet ~,as creeled and adt,pled in the I~sl ~e~i,tn rl cov~ the July I, 2Ot7+ thrt~[tgh JBne _-~J. 201g, budget cycle. However. at'tual tax ~*t~eipts were I'1~11~'~" the f=L'~'~'A'q-| p["4"J- it~tions during Ihe fi~t lhree monuhs of tlw n~ fi~'al year, On Oct, 27. the Nebraska F.'ontmlic Forecasting Ad- ~- I~,|)L'-~,' Board tevig~d the re venu~ fi~r~.- ca,,=. A down[rade~l the revenue fore- ca~l in the ~ntoum of $1(Kl million in thec ttrrcnt fi~,cal yea~ will reqinrc n~di- f!cali~n q~l' the budget ',.U.t~led [ ~.S- MOIL Km~'n a~ a 6eficil budget hi[l. th~s pr~.~ess will make budget adjustnler~ts 10 inalch the lower revenue tb~'ast and addre~,,~ any add it iona I leqUcsl s for nc~ ~pendiltg. '[11 .~;ale i~ LXmsti(U- lion,ill) reqniled i